2020 popular hair color is refreshing and white, brown series becomes the biggest winner

The hairstyle of the girls is also a beautiful part, which can bring different temperament and immediately change a state. Therefore, girls like to toss hairstyles, which can bring a different feeling. The change in hair color can have the effect of highlighting the complexion and hair style, and the choice of hair color is very important. The popular hair color of large area hair dyeing, 2020 to see the brown line is enough. 

First, Podol red
Podol red is also a kind of reddish brown, its red tone is more intense, so there is a burgundy effect in the sun, it is very charming. It is a very sleek color, suitable for girls who usually wear makeup, bringing a feeling of elegance. Podol red has an exotic beauty, but it is not too exaggerated. It will make the girl look energetic, and the curl can be more obvious.
Second, natural brown
Usually do not wear makeup can hold the color, of course, choose natural brown. Brownish black and original hair color are similar, and the new hair can also naturally transition, but the color is lighter, the yellowing skin is white, and the long curly hair will appear light and beating, reducing the sense of weight and looking younger. Xiu Zhi often chooses this color, she has a lot of hair, and with brown, it will make the hair look shiny and supple.

Third, pink brown
The personality girl chooses pink and brown to have a romantic feeling, as if it is a little princess who walks out in a fairy tale. Pink dreamy, purple in the sun, is also very dirty now. But it is better than the average pink, and it is biased towards brown in the room. The cold color is full of style, which is the color that Japanese girls like now.
Fourth, gray brown highlights
The highlights of the two colors will make the level of the hairstyle more changeable, and it will make the hair look more, and the thin and long curly hair can try. The highlights of gray and linen brown are full of scent, the linen is naturally light, and the gray is more scent. Through the adjustment of the proportion, make a hair color more unique.

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