7 Featured Hairstyles With Bangs To Make You Look Younger

Is long face suitable for long hair or short hair? Is there a specific hairstyle if it's short? What kind of curls and bangs would be appropriate if it's long? This is a netizen's question, but also a lot of face shape long girls are more concerned about the issue, in fact, long face shape girls suitable for long hair, medium hair and short hair, as long as according to the face shape, hair texture, temperament design in line with your hair, is the best-looking best for your hair. The first of the 7 hairstyles that are suitable for the long face is to help you choose the right hairstyle for you.
short hair

1、Long curly hair

Most people with long faces have a slimmer figure, and wearing long curly hair will make them look more stylish. Because of the long face, bangs must be considered, so it is more important to design the bangs according to the face shape than to iron what curls and color what color.

According to the current trend, thin bangs are more fashionable. Too heavy will look a bit old-fashioned and too neat will look a bit stodgy, so this gentle flush bangs become the most popular bangs look in addition to air bangs. Liu can shorten the face shape and when handled properly, it won't look too long. Choose the right bangs, curly hair type hairstyles can be styled perm, tail perm, etc. It's a natural perm, it's like a curl, it's not a curl, it's a natural blow-dry after shampooing, it's a natural micro-curly hair. Fine soft hair is best styled with a hair dryer or curling iron, because fine soft hair is not suitable for this kind of curly non-curly hair, fine soft hair perm is too soft, the retention time will be very short. And it doesn't matter if it's a hair perm, it's suitable for any hair type.

2、Mid-length curly hair

The length of the mid-length hair is located in the shoulders a bit, this length of hair, do a fashionable color, hot a natural micro curls, in accordance with the face shape to choose suitable for their face shape and forehead bangs, the effect is also quite powerful, very good-looking.

Air bangs are not suitable for people with too high a hairline and too big a forehead. If your hairline is not high, you can choose the air bangs this fashionable bangs, this bangs both cover the effect of shortening the face, but also have the effect of elongating the face or finishing the forehead. For girls with long faces, depending on their specific situation, if the amount of hair is small, air bangs are not very suitable, you can follow the air bangs cutting method, leave a little thicker, the effect is still very good.

3、Collarbone head

The collarbone head is a very hot haircut and one of the more popular net red heads nowadays. The length of the hair is exactly where the collarbone is, the effect of the face and neck is very good, the end of the hair can be straight can be rolled, can be inner button can be reversed, fashion sense strong.

Thin bangs are both fashionable and small-faced, and most importantly, they also reduce age. Women with a lot of hair can choose to thin the way to deal with the hair, do a good job in the treatment of line sense, in a styling iron, the effect is perfect. For girls with less hair, ironing a curl that is slightly more bouncy will make it look more voluminous. Colorless is not fashionable, choose a hair color that suits your skin tone and fashion trends, elegant fashion is very feminine.

4、Shoulder-length hair

The length of shoulder-length hair for girls with thin faces and long faces, a little ironing can increase the width of the haircut, so that the face shape will not look too thin and long. Liu is a natural, the specific style depends on the hair texture and forehead to determine.

Perm less hair to make it fluffy and more hair to make it natural. Less hair, lighter color, and more hair, darker color, both give your face a much softer look without looking too thin and long. The first is to decide what curls to iron, in line with the fashion trend, such as the wet curls in the picture, slightly ripe style, age reduction and fashion. Rather, depending on the texture of your hair, you can choose a natural micro-curly hair, effective and quite beautiful.


The bob is a very classic short haircut that is not only suitable for young and old, but also timeless and suitable for all face shapes. For long faces, bangs shorten the face, and hair on the sides of the face will look more rounded, so it won't look too long.

The bangs are a little thicker, too thin for bangs or look longer on the face, which needs to be combined with a specific hairstyle. People with more hair don't show more when they use a hierarchy that doesn't connect inside and out. For those with little hair volume, perm the ends appropriately to add fluffiness and an inner button effect. If the roots are too close to the scalp, you can treat them with a Morgan perm and the top will be fluffy and natural.

6. Short wave

Short bob is also known as fluted short hair, a representative hairstyle of modern short hair. The cut-and-thin technique, which utilizes a linear look, gives the hairstyle a more dynamic, fluffy and spacious look, as this length has bangs, which works well for those with long faces.

You can choose a light and natural hair style, either a natural short haircut with fluted ears, or a style that tucks behind the ears. The technique of this haircut is very demanding, the control of the top length is the key to this hairstyle, it is the lightness of the ends and the sense of line on the surface that is the core technique of this hairstyle. For those who have a lot of hair volume, a proper C curl at the end of their hair will increase the flow of their hair. For those with little hair volume, just focus on perming up the roots.

7、Super short hair

The most important thing that you can do is to have a short haircut with thick bangs, which is very good for your face.

The bangs of the super short haircut should be thicker and heavier, the top fluffiness is not too big, the sides are naturally tightened. This way the overall look of the hair is also very fresh and dry. The best way to get the most out of your hair is to perm your hair with a perm that will make your face look longer.

The above seven hairstyles are carefully selected by the editor, and can be said to be suitable for all face types, especially for girls with long faces, the most suitable. You can find a hairstyle that is close to your own face and make an appointment with your hairstylist to help you create a hairstyle that is just right for you.

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