7 must-see tips to teach you how to care for long hair, long-haired women

1. Cut your hair regularly.

Hair grows at an average rate of around 1.5cm a month, and if you want your hair to continue to grow healthily, it's best to cut off around 8mm of hair every eight weeks when you see a split.
7 must-see tips to teach you how to care for long hair, long-haired women

2. perms

The chemicals in hair dyes and bleach can harm the length and shine of your hair. If you want to give your hair a different color, use semi-permanent and temporary hair dyes, and it's best to choose the color that is closest to your natural hair color. The frequency of hair dyeing should also be controlled, frequent hair dyeing is very harmful to the hair, research proves that most of the current hair dyes can cause cancer.

3. Nursing

Do-it-yourself DIY hair care at home: put a few tablespoons of coconut oil in the palm of your hand, smear them midway through your hair to the ends, and wash them off after a few hours, or overnight.

4. Attention to blowing hair

It is best to choose natural air drying after shampooing. The heat from a hairdryer can damage the hair, and when the hair is 80% dry, apply a layer of heat protection to the hair, followed by a blow-dry and round comb. Try to choose a high-powered hair dryer, those small hair dryers rely on high temperatures to dry the hair moisture, it is very harmful to the hair.

5. Do not tie the hair too high

To avoid harming healthy hair, tie your hair as low as possible. Tightly tied hair can affect the scalp tissue, and the hair can get worse and worse due to poor nutrient flow.

6. Hair oil

If you feel your hair is a little dry, then try to wash it as little as possible, don't worry about it being too oily, the hair oil will provide enough nourishment for those old hair in the ends, you can comb your dry hair every day so that the oil from the roots will be carried to the ends.

7. Ensure adequate rest

Silk or satin pillows prevent split ends, silk has much less friction than cotton and contains amino acids that protect the skin and hair.

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