For dark and shiny hair, these 3 treatments

In real life, there are many people whose hair health is affected due to bad lifestyle habits or excessive mental stress, and a common hair problem is graying, hair loss, etc. Of course, regardless of age, hair loss is a sign that something is wrong with your body.

In addition, hair becomes soft, falls out or grows slowly, mostly due to a deficiency of Qi and blood in the kidneys. If you lose more than 100 strands of hair at a time when you wash your hair, that's when you should pay attention. In order to improve these undesirable symptoms, one needs to alleviate them in a reasonable way by finding ways to get one's hair back to its normal state. So, what's good for your hair to be washed with boiling water? What should you do on a daily basis to keep your hair healthy?

If there are health problems with your hair, it is recommended to wash it with sidelob leaves. Lateral cypress leaves are a common plant that can be harvested all year round, with summer and fall harvesters being the best. According to scientific research, cypress leaves contain a large amount of volatile oil, the main ingredients in the oil are cypressene, cumin ketones, etc., the leaves also contain potassium, sodium, phosphorus and zinc and other trace elements.

And, according to traditional Chinese medicine, the side cypress leaves smell fresh, taste bitter and astringent, is cold, belongs to the liver. Its extracts promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, can have anti-dandruff and hair regrowth, and can inhibit graying of hair. Washing your hair after boiling water with fresh lateral cypress leaves promotes hair regrowth and provides nutrients to the hair follicles, thus restoring the hair to a healthy state.

Some people think that using it once in a while is more effective than shampoo. Of course, when using the cypress leaves to boil water to wash your hair, you need to pay attention to the temperature of the water, and take care to clean it up, and finally let the hair dry naturally.

What should you do on a daily basis to keep your hair healthy?
1, want to keep the hair black and shiny, restore the state of health, need to maintain a good state of mind. An optimistic mood has a boosting effect on one's hair follicles and improves blood circulation to the scalp, thus avoiding the symptoms of hair loss and gray hair. People who are stressed out are prone to have problems with their hair health, so they need to learn to adjust their mindset.

These 3 treatments don't cost a lot of money when you want your hair to be dark and shiny
2, want the hair black and shiny, need to avoid frequent perm, color hair. Because perming and coloring requires the use of salves, these salves can damage the structure of the hair, causing protein denaturation, which affects the health of the hair, causing dryness, hair loss and other adverse symptoms. Also, avoid using a hair dryer too often, the hot air from the hair dryer can easily cause your hair to become brittle and break after a long period of use.

3, want to keep the hair in a healthy state, should eat more food that is good for the hair. It is also possible to blacken your hair through diet, and it is recommended to eat more black sesame, black beans, black wood ear, heshouwu, mulberry and other foods. All of these foods can nourish the hair and help improve bad hair symptoms.

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