How do you weave your hair into a faux mohawk look?

This weave into a faux mohawk hairstyle with a high bun is perfect for a day at the office, Sunday brunch, or even an evening. This intricate, elegant weave is a quirky twist into a faux mohawk haircut you never thought you could pull off. Not only does this high bun keep your hair off your face, but it can add a little flair to any tissue you have on it. Hairstyles may seem a little difficult, but we promise that anyone can do this look, even if you can't weave.
How do you weave your hair into a faux mohawk look?
How do you weave your hair into a faux mohawk look?

Before you start, you'll want to grab a comb through, clarify the relationship of bouncy hair, some bobby pins, and some styling hairspray.

1. part of the small triangle at your hairline, teasing your roots. Use a clear elasticity. Clip this ponytail.

The second part is from your temple. A clear elasticity of security.

3 shown. Splitting even the ponytail into two parts. Clip the bottom part of the ponytail at the top of the head.

4 shown. From the top part of part three to your ears. Safe ponytail, put two parts of the first ponytail. Again, you will have two ponytails.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have all your hair.

When your hair is combined, split or even ponytailed in two. Clip the bottom of the ponytail.

7. shown. Secure two sections of hair by cutting off the ponytail.

Repeat step 6 until you have hair. Make sure it's flexible.

9. curl the length of hair, and hairpins.

Gently "braid" the sides of the maximum volume. Finish the hairspray.

So, go ahead, jump, put on some positives, try this unique hairstyle.

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