Shampoo order for women with long hair

  1. 1, Before shampooing, comb your hair well.      
Combs before wet hair help reduce tangles, and dry hair is combed with relatively little friction and low damage to hair phosphorus. Don't comb your hair after wet hair, or you'll break your hair.      

  1. 2, Massage your scalp with shampoo.      
Use the shampoo in 2 doses to cleanse the scalp more effectively. And the second time you wash your hair, the lather will be richer. It's common sense not to scratch your scalp with your fingernails, but to gently massage it with your fingers. Also, the water should not be too hot, just below 40 degrees will do.      
  1. 3, use a conditioner or hair mask.      
By squeezing as much moisture out of your hair as possible, applying and massaging it for a few minutes from the middle to the end of your hair, you can strengthen the nutrient deposits. You only need to use one of them, not both, the reason is mentioned later.    
  1.   4, Rinse.      
People usually wash their hair with warm, hot water, which actually gives the hair a shine, and a little tip. This will allow the hair to close quickly and strengthen the hair.      
  1. 5, Blow dry your hair.      
It's best to use an absorbent towel to gently press dry your hair (sports brand swim towels are recommended!!!) If possible, do not rub your hair as hard as possible, as it is more likely to tie and hurt your hair. If you often don't have enough time to wait for your hair to dry, use a hair dryer to blow the roots of your hair with low-grade cold air, and you can wait for your hair to dry slowly by about 50%.      
  1. 6, apply shampoo-free hair oil.     
After your hair is 60% dry, you can apply the hair oil and massage as you go. Allow the hair oil to wrap around the moisture in your hair so that it still has moisture when dry. Don't worry about the oil, it will just float when it dries!!!      The above are done, basically as long as the product selection is not too blind, the hair is able to be relatively good, in person comparison test.

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