Stylish and beautiful hair color recommendations

No good looking hair color to look down, each one has a great feel, which hair color do you like?
Stylish and beautiful hair color recommendations

foggy blue
Talking about haze blue hair color, really who dyed who temperament, not pure blue, it has a mix of gray and purple shades, looks particularly layered, but also very skin tone oh, especially a special mysterious charm, want to try new hair color, this haze blue really suitable for little fairies, enhance the face value, what are you waiting?

This is a super natural chestnut hair color, feel natural black more monotonous, but can not master the exaggerated hair color, you can try the chestnut color, easy to add a little girl kind of innocent and playful temperament, very a charming sense, good-looking, if you are taking the personality of the atmospheric route, this hair color is too suitable, full of advanced sense.

thin vine (color)
This summer catch fashionable bar, thin rattan hair color make you more temperament, instantly increase your whole shape of fashion degree, have a kind of cool feeling, hair color quite stunning, so good girl to consider, this has hazy sense of hazy breath hair color, in this year also quite popular, and also very teenage girl heart oh, super white and foreign style of it.

Light brown gradient green
A gradient hair color for summer, let you satisfy the desire and fantasy of the pupils, low saturation of light brown gradient green, has a super strong sense of melting? The gradual hair color transition simply makes the dreamy sense of burst it, both with the fashion trend of styling, but also has a bit of dashing sense, not only the whole person appears to have connotation, but also fresh and eye-pleasing hair color it.

 Blue haze blue on linen
Is Aoki linen pick haze blue your favorite hair color? It can have a childish and cute side or an airy side, and it always shines in front of people's eyes, a little flashy but not exaggerated, looks very foreign, and can also create a strong sense of airiness in the hair, super white, this is the charming effect of dyeing.

light brown
Light brown hair color is worth trying, fashionable and simple, is a kind of fresh white hair color, slightly in the sunshine tone will be more obvious, and light brown hair color is more suitable for younger girls, especially white skinned girls are more worth trying, not too exaggerated is very daily but very airy foreign style, give people is that kind of gentle soft beauty sense.

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