What are the hair care tricks?

Tea Hair Care: After washing your hair, rinse with tea water to make your hair black and soft and shiny.

Beer hair care: first wash and dry your hair, then apply the beer evenly to your hair and massage it to penetrate the roots. 10 minutes later, rinse off with water, this will not only make your hair shiny, but also prevent it from drying out and promoting hair growth.
What are the hair care tricks?

Vinegar Egg Hair Care: Add a little egg white to the shampoo, mix well, shampoo, and gently massage the scalp. Then wash, mix a small amount of vinegar with fresh egg yolks to mix well, smooth the hair slowly and wrap in a wet towel for 1 hour. This method is best suited for dry and stiff hair.

Onion mash for hair: first mash the onion into a puree, wrap it in gauze and pat the scalp with it so that the onion juice is evenly applied to the scalp and hair. After a few hours, wash your hair again, which will get rid of the annoying dandruff.

Honey Egg Oil Hair Care: Take one spoonful of honey, one raw egg yolk, one spoonful of vegetable oil, two spoonfuls of shampoo and the juice of a moderate amount of scallion, mix well and apply to the scalp. Put on a plastic wrap hat and apply a constant hot compress with a damp towel outside the hat. After an hour or two, rinse your hair. If adhered to once a day, after a while, the symptoms of thinning hair can be relieved.

Grapefruit kernels for hair care: Use 25g of grapefruit kernels, soak in boiling water, air dry, apply its juice to the roots, or apply with ginger two or three times a day to treat baldness, yellow hair and accelerate hair growth.

For hair care, take 150ml of vinegar, add 1kg of warm water and stir well. Shampooing your hair once a day with this solution will remove dandruff and itchiness, prevent hair loss, and also reduce split ends.

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