What are the tips for taking care of dry hair after dyeing?

1, usually after shampooing, it is best to apply some hair care products such as essential oils to the hair, this can not only increase the shine of the hair, but also prevent the occurrence of dry state. Visually brings hair that is shiny and bouncy in an artificially healthy state.

2. If your hair is particularly dry, add 1/4 white vinegar when you make a hair mask. Blend well and apply to the hair, this will result in better absorption, better locking and better moisturization. The white vinegar helps to neutralize the alkaline components of the hair, helps the hair film to better balance the PH value of the hair, and also has a good hydrating effect. Make the most of the hair film, as the posterior hair is softer and more shiny.
What are the tips for taking care of dry hair after dyeing?

3、It is best to choose single shampoo and single care products without silicone oil when shampooing. When shampooing, first apply conditioner to the ends of the hair, gently rubbing for three to five minutes to increase the lubricity of the hair, then rinse the conditioner with warm water, then shampoo the hair, and finally apply a small amount of conditioner to the ends of the hair rinse out, so that the lubricity of the hair will be greatly improved and enhanced.

4, dyed hair shampoo water temperature should not be too high, because the water temperature too high hair will swell, hair in the pigment is easy to lose, so try to choose low temperature water shampoo hair. Low-temperature water is the best and lowest-temperature water you can tolerate, but of course, you can't use cool water, which is not good for your health.

5, when shampooing, wash your hair with shampoo, then add 1/4 olive oil to the conditioner, apply to the ends or damaged areas and massage for 5 minutes, then rinse off with warm water, this will not only delay the color fading, but also nourish the damaged hair very well. This method can be used every time you wash your hair, and when combined with a weekly hair mask treatment, it can do wonders for the care and conditioning of your hair.
It's impossible to get your hair back to its normal state after dyeing it dry, but with daily shampooing and hair mask care, you can keep your hair as it is and even bring it to a healthy state visually. If the hair is already bad, it is recommended to cut off the badly damaged areas, which can make the hair look a little better.

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