What kind of face shape is a half pill head for? Goose egg face, melon face is best.

What face shape does a half pill head fit? After the small editor's finishing feel that these few face shapes are very suitable for oh, we may as well take a look at it.
What kind of face shape is a half pill head for?

01. Round face

The most important thing that you can do is to know that you have to be able to get the most out of your hair.

02. Goose egg face

Goose egg face in the modern aesthetic is considered a near-perfect face shape, this face shape girls can try a variety of hairstyles, natural half pill head is no exception, goose egg face girls tied up half pill head scattered hair on both sides of the face can also be more perfect shape.

03. Tapered face

Many people say that the cone face is a net red face, but have to admit, in fact, the cone face also has some outstanding performance of the place, the most basic is the cone face shape can almost master any hairstyle, cone face tied up half a pill after the whole person looks more sweet and beautiful, both sides of the hair with bangs, to some extent can also weaken the cone face shape of the shortcomings, bring a lot of softening effect oh.

04. Square face

Although the square face is not very popular, but the square face is actually a lot of hairstyles can also try it, and the half pill head is one of them, square-faced girls with a half pill head can be very natural to soften the lines of the face, both sides of the hair can also modify the face shape, appear more playful age reduction fashion sense Oh.

05. Face

The small face is also a lot of girls dream of a face shape, the small face of the girls most obvious is the face of small, like the actress chocolate Naza is one of them, the small face of the girls can manage any hairstyle, including some super short hair, but I think the small face of the girls with half a pill head is the cutest, so that they can make their faces more small and cute, concave appear sweet at the same time appear very dynamic breath.

06. Melon face

The perfect face shape in addition to the goose egg face, it will be the number of melon face, compared with the goose egg face, in fact, melon face facial lines more tend to be perfect, exquisite small very characteristic melon face for any one hairstyle, even picking people's half pill head can also be easily managed, adding to the effect of youthful age reduction.
After looking at the above we all know what half pill head for what face shape it, the above several face shapes are suitable for oh, I hope to bring you some reference information, thank you for your support and attention.

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