Your hair is also dry and yellow, so how can you take care of it better?

Try to choose shampoos that are silicon-free and amino acid foaming. Try to avoid the following ingredients: sodium laurate polyether sulfate, sodium dodecyl sulfate, isopropyl myristate, mineral oil, polydimethylsiloxane.

Even if it does, choose the ones that don't have too high a content. Note that it's talking about shampoo, which is generally silicone-containing in conditioners. Always condition your hair after shampooing, and don't choose a two-in-one shampoo.

Conditioner should not be applied to the scalp. When applying conditioner or mask, be sure to towel dry your hair first. Try to air dry your hair naturally and avoid using a hairdryer. The specific products can depend on the economic situation, I do not know much about it, only know Shiseido Huilun, Chelsea, Kasich, Spar these brands, if you have the conditions, buy Kasich, it is said very good use.

Additional treatments I use best now are Shiseido's Daily Serum and Schwarzkopf's Cashmere Spray, which is the one that will layered and moisturize your hair after you leave it on. It's also a good choice to apply a little olive oil to the ends of your hair.
Diet-wise, I think there are black beans in addition to sesame walnuts, but this must be eaten consistently.

Comb your hair frequently to enhance blood circulation to the scalp. But choose the right comb. The bristle comb is just fine, and I also used a Sassoon air cushion negative ion comb, bought by Watson's, which is also good.

Most importantly, don't stay up late, go to bed early and get enough sleep.

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