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If you're one to travel the roads,you may have heard of me.You may have heard my Names in the stories,the songs,and the whispers of the road.Perhaps you've even seen me during my travels,speaking to a bird of blue light,or on a city street,performing small acts for coin and repute.Or perhaps you may know me as the Skystrider,who walked with the wind.Or the Voiceless,a man of song without speech.You may know me as the Tutor,who taught the Lion of Summer how to fight,or the Traveler,who has walked all the roads of the earth.I am all of these things. And people have branded me a myth. But people don't understand what a myth is.They haven't heard the songs lost to our tongues,nor have they seen the things I've seen.They haven't gone to the places I've gone.
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