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I Can Claim Daily Rewards



If you are looking for action and mafia stories, please try this one. The story will begin like a typical wish-fulfillment story, but I promise you that the plot will become better the more chapters you read. …. Arlan was fired by the company he was working for after being framed by his Supervisor. Filled with rage and indignance from the injustice, he left the company building with heavy strides. He was only a contractual worker in the construction company so he wasn’t able to save a lot of money. The cash left in his bank account was only enough to last him for a few days. If he couldn’t find a job in the next few days, he might even have to live on the streets. While sitting on a roadside bench, he grabbed his phone and searched for jobs online. Suddenly, an advertisement popped up on his screen, and automatically downloaded a shady app.
Latest Chapter: Chapter 228 The Powerful Giant Worm
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