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Courier Quest: A Cozy Isekai LitRPG



You have been summoned here for one reason. Trevor, you need a break. Trevor Anderson was just another normal, overworked retail worker at an understaffed big box store. All he wanted was his promised promotion into a less stressful position, a chance to use some of his vacation days without feeling guilty about it, and time with his friends. While waiting patiently for his time to shine, a workplace accident changed everything for Trevor, including the world that he resided in. After bungling his way through a summoner’s questionnaire and gaining the Power of an extradimensional inventory, he finds himself in the small, peaceful town of Tosa. In a world where he can finally relax, he finds himself both unable and unwilling to sit still long enough to do it. With everything he needs to take destiny into his own hands - a clean slate, a supernatural ability, and good friends - Trevor will use his Power to turn his life around. And this time, it’s on his terms.
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