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Labyrinth of the Mad God



Nick thought his dreams had come true when the System came to Earth. He watched his civilization burn to ash eleven minutes later. But as bad as the apocalypse was, Taltos was worse. Stolen by the Mad God, the Earth is plucked from the heavens and plunged into the beating heart of the labyrinth. A twisting maze of worlds, dimensions, and other planes of existence. Where the rules of the System have been warped by an insane deity and his maleficent minions. Nick and his fellow survivors must fight to reclaim the world of their birth. To rise from the ashes and find their place in a multiverse filled with magic and monsters, marvels and horrors beyond their wildest imagination. The odds are long, and Nick has no choice but to go all in. But even when the deck is stacked against him, Nick always plays to win.
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