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A lazy and casual life. That was the only thing that Lyca Huang wanted after transmigrating into the body of a rich young miss. Tired of schemes and killing, the lazy elite assassin vowed to enjoy her second life and live a life of luxury while lazing around and bossing over her servants. With her doting mother and loving father, Lyca thought that she could easily achieve this goal. Oh boy was she wrong… so wrong. Who would have thought that her prominent grandfather would introduce her as the heiress to his security empire? How could her lazy ass manage a conglomerate? She wanted to protest! She must decline the offer in front of the whole Huang Family! However, at the time of the announcement she was so busy eating her freshly peeled grapes and could not find the time to just open her mouth to speak. Second, she was too lazy to argue or create a strain of conversation with anyone else at the party. In the end, Lyca nodded at her grandfather’s words as she continued eating. Sometimes… food was more important than pointless arguments, ah. Moreover an heiress sounded really interesting. That only meant… more food and servants, right? Collapse Lazily Yours. novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Comedy, Martial arts, Mature genres. Written by the Author TheBlips . Read Lazily Yours. novel online for free.
Latest Chapter: Chapter 616: Slapping More Faces
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