Trees shall Fall and an Axe will Rise! After being shot dead in my face, I’ve been reborn in a new place! Where magic reigns and monsters roar! I’ve never seen the like before! It’s time to kiss the Earth goodbye, Now that I'm in an Isekai! That’s what’s up, for real, true facts. Need more proof? I’m now an axe! _ An axe you say? How can that be? How should I know, dude? Don’t ask me! But since I’m here I’ll have some fun, And make life great for everyone! So, come on pal! The job`s not done! (I’ll find you if you try to run…) _ There’s lots of nifty sights to see, And new friends to accompany! And loads of meat to cleave and chop, as they scream and plead for me to stop! But sadly, that I cannot do, This axe was made for chopping you! _ I’ll wander `round and see the sights And get into some awesome fights, My rep will soar, I’ll drown in fame, The common folks will scream my name! “Quick, run away! Here comes the AXE!” Hey, guys! It’s me! Your best friend, Max! *** What to expect: Action, adventure, BLEAK humor, the answers to all of life's questions, and an Axe that wants to be your friend! Also, steady progression and such. Also, a bad guy gradually learning how to be a better person. (It's going to take a while.) Updated daily! A Fall 2022 Writathon Participant! Collapse Reincarnated as an AXE! novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Mature genres. Written by the Author Geeze . Read Reincarnated as an AXE! novel online for free.
Latest Chapter: Final update on that thingy.
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