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13 years ago, she was a naive, innocent, bubbly girl who fell in love with her senior and wrote a love letter to him in her diary, 'You are the most handsome person I’ve ever met. Uhm… My brother is also handsome but he is my brother. So, let us get back to the point. Since you are so good-looking, I feel like I’m in love. How about I marry you after growing up? Won’t you consider yourself lucky?' 13 years later, she was referred to as a demoness; she was way too cold, no longer the naive girl she used to be, she has become a mystery that people spoke of but no one has ever seen. But in all these circumstances, what remained the same was the little girl in her memory was as narcissistic as the adult who proposed to a stranger, 'Let’s get married, I’m a goddess, you know?' So, where did her usual aloof self go? Was it because handsome men were her weakness? Or it was just that one man?! Collapse From Dusk till Dawn! novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Comedy, Action, Adventure genres. Written by the Author Auroraaa . Read From Dusk till Dawn! novel online for free.
Latest Chapter: Chapter 168: Depression? Are you kidding?
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