Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime Details

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime



“Waking up from sleep, Ye Feng realized that he had transmigrated to a world where the cities had awakened and the whole world lived in symbiotic relations. Every young person of age would choose a symbiote that was compatible with them. Some people built a symbiotic relationship with the Ancient Great Dragon of the Origins. After they matured, they could shatter the earth with their dragon breaths. Some people built a symbiotic relationship with the Twelve Winged Flaming Angel. After they matured, their sacred light shone upon the world. Some people built a root-level symbiotic relationship with Succubuses. After they matured, they became insanely attractive and charmed the world. However, Ye Feng’s symbiote was the most unremarkable creature, a Slime?! Fortunately, he activated the system and awakened the six great sequences at the beginning! [Perception]: Your ability to sense danger and opportunities is amplified significantly. [Devour]: You can devour any living being that is smaller than yourself to increase the size of your own body. [Split]: You can split your body into smaller parts. Each part will retain part of the initial body’s abilities. [Regenerate]: The recovery capabilities of your various stats are amplified significantly, at the same time your adaptability is increased rapidly as well. [Mimic]: Your symbiote will evolve at an accelerated pace. Every time it evolves, there is a chance that it can awaken a new ability. Watch how Ye Feng’s Slime grows to rule the world in the end…
Latest Chapter: Chapter 708 - 708 The End, Final Battle
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