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Tycoon mommy and president daddy



”President of Ouda, you ignore me today, and I will have three children tomorrow. Take care of you!“ Xia Weichu is a village girl. Ou Beichen, the favorite of heaven, doesn‘t like her at all, but Xia Weichu accidentally conceived three babies. Unexpectedly, Ou Beichen robbed two babies. Five years later, Xia Wei was transformed into a big man in the medical field. All kinds of cattle broke their waistcoats and returned to their hometown, vowing to take back the lost two treasures. She formed an alliance with the talent treasure to take advantage of Ou Beichen! Ravage Ou Beichen! A snow before shame! Who ever thought that Ou Beichen, a handsome man, didn‘t talk about martial virtue. She took it and ravaged it with her. It looks like she enjoyed it very much! Finally, he threatened to rob her... Tycoon mommy and president daddy novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Josei genres. Written by the Author hong dou er . Read Tycoon mommy and president daddy novel online for free.
Latest Chapter: Chapter 753
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