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Qi Le – gender: male, sexual interest: women – suffered from congenital heart disease and died early. However, God played a small trick on him and placed his soul inside the body of a trashy shou. From then on, the gates of a new world were opened. When Qi Le opened his eyes, he found himself still lying in the hospital, but there was a small problem. Everyone helped clear up his confusion: “You’re gay.” Qi Le: “……” Everyone: “You’re a 0, which means you’re the one on the bottom.” Qi Le: “Bullshit! Laozi is a straight man!” Everyone stepped forward to pat him on the shoulder: “Forget it, all the men in the world can turn straight, but not you.” Qi Le shook with anger: “We’ll see about that!” Everyone reminded him: “Everyone knows about your confession, everyone knows that you’re gay. Which girl would be willing to date you ah?” Qi Le: “=口=” This World Has Gone Crazy novel is a popular light novel covering Yaoi, Romance, Comedy, Slice of life genres. Written by the Author 一世華裳 . Read This World Has Gone Crazy novel online for free.
Latest Chapter: Chapter 73 part2
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