After Divorcing, She Shocked the World Details

After Divorcing, She Shocked the World



Top Special Agent, Wu Mei, was murdered in a conspiracy. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself transmigrated into the body of the gorgeous, abandoned wife of a handsome, wealthy man and… She was sleeping with him! The handsome man placed the divorce papers in front of her and said, “Let’s get a divorce. I’ll give you one hundred million.” Father: “If you don’t get the money from President Li, your mother will pay with her life!” Stepmother: “Quickly get a divorce and let your younger sister take your place!” A sly smile crept up Wu Mei’s face. She agreed, “Sure. But… you’ll have to raise the stakes.” After her divorce, Wu Mei became stronger and stronger. She dealt with her stepmother and punished scumbags. She was awesome! Gradually, her true identity was revealed – A medical genius, hacker, businesswoman… Her existence shook the world! All the big shots knelt before her. “Whoever messes with her, messes with us!” Then, at a cocktail party, someone saw… The almighty Mr. Li clinging onto Wu Mei’s waist, his eyes red as he begged, “Let’s get married again. I’ll even give you my life.” Just like before, Wu Mei smiled slyly and said, “You’ll have to raise the stakes.”
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