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I Really Didn’t Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World



On 1977, Voyager I took flight. On 2010, Voyager II sent some rather strange information back to Earth. On July, 2021, Voyager II lost contact with Earth four years before the planned date. At the start of the 26th century, civilization on Earth was isolated and held in captivity. At 10 a.m. on October 27th, 3020, humankind went extinct. One year before the extinction, an ordinary youth Harrison Clark from the 21st century travelled forward in time and arrived a thousand years into the future. He discovered that after he died, he would be returned back to the 21st century. Reading history in the future and changing the future in history. In this seemingly never-ending cycle, Harrison Clark began to look for that one glimmer of hope for both himself and humankind.
Latest Chapter: Chapter 288 - Chapter 288: Chapter 210: Heroes Do Not Ask Where They
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