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Heretic Doctor Useless Consort



“Even if Yama wants a person dead, Almighty Ye can bring them back to life!” The one in a century miracle doctor, Ye Qianli, fights the King of Hell, King Yama, and the Grim Reaper with a silver needle in one hand. She wins every battle and never fails. In a transmigration, she becomes the princess of a dynasty. It was a pity that she’s not doted on by her father and mother. She is even framed by her cousin who wants to destroy her goddess body, snatch her man, and steal her money. Scram! With the godly doctor possessing her body, she becomes ferocious. Cultivating a divine cultivation technique and refining divine pills, she tramples on bitches and slaps their faces, I’ll let you know what it means to be the favored daughter of heaven! She can produce worldly treasures herself and picks up treasure everywhere she goes. It just makes one envious and jealous. In a unfortunate sequence of events, due to an intense poison, she “offends” a cold and handsome man in a moment of desperation. Legend had it the revered one in the dynasty, the Prince Charming of the educational institution. If he catches her, he would want to torture and kill her. What should she do?
Latest Chapter: Chapter 635 - Chapter 635: The Baby Is So Scared!
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