Reborn In Space: Pampering The Genius Doctor And Businesswoman Details

Reborn In Space: Pampering The Genius Doctor And Businesswoman



She had been lonely and helpless in her previous life and ended up being wronged and imprisoned. Now that she was reborn with a precious heirloom bestowed on her, she activated an alternate space and became a doctor after absorbing all medical knowledge within. As she opened her own clinic, set up her own company, purchased houses and lands and found her birth family, her worth and social status rocketed and attracted more and more suitors. “Master, that chap from the Zhao family pretended to be sick and went to seek treatment from the future mistress yesterday…” said one of the servants. “Break his legs and injure him inside out! He wants to be sick? I shall make him sick for real if that is what he wants!” said the man unhappily. “Yes, Master. But…what are you doing now, Master?” the servant asked curiously as the man swallowed a bunch of expired food. “I am sick now. I need to seek treatment from my wife,” the man pretended to be weak and said.
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