After Transmigrating into a Cannon Fodder Character in the 1980s, I Trash Them All Details

After Transmigrating into a Cannon Fodder Character in the 1980s, I Trash Them All



Su Hanyan transmigrates into a novel set in the industrialization period. She becomes a cannon fodder side character – one with a weak personality, who is always being bullied by others and often used as an unlucky sacrificial lamb by the novel’s main characters! In the novel, her ‘fantastic’ mother favors boys over girls. Carrying the mindset of ‘sacrificing her daughter’s life for the happiness of the family, she is made to give up her job for the female lead and that marks the start of her tragic life. Her family bleeds her dry, just like the female lead. She goes after the same guy as the female lead despite being abused by her husband. It can’t be any worse. After recapping the entire story, Su Hanyan tears the script into shreds. There’s no way she’s going to be cannon fodder! She was never a coward! To deal with these heartless people, she has only one thought. She cannot let them have their way! In two words, f*ck them! Enter the young and talented surgeon, Jin Chen. His looks, capabilities, and family background are top class. He’s cold and proud. Many women have tried to woo him but no one has caught his eye. This continues until one day—the usually indifferent Dr. Jin directs his warm and adoring gaze towards a young lady and says, “Anything Yanyan says goes!” Everyone is stunned. How did this random stray from the Su family get you into her hands? “Woo her!” Jin Chen smiles brightly. “I was the one who wooed her. The secret is to be shameless!”
Latest Chapter: Chapter 633 - Chapter 633: Substitute (1)
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