Chapter 1  : Lin Hanxing

On the high seas...

Lin Hanxing felt something amiss the moment she boarded the cruise.

As she exited the fitting room calmly after changing, she saw Little You cupping her flushed face and looking toward the second floor.

“Someone booked the entire cruise?”

The cruise was a luxury cruise that travelled the high seas all year round.


It was a well-known tourist spot and there was an endless stream of tourists every day. Never had she seen the cruise as empty as that.

Suddenly, a voice was heard and it shocked Little You. She quickly turned around and looked at Lin Hanxing.


Little You ran over happily when she saw her.

Lin Hanxing boarded the cruise half a month ago.

No one knew where she came from and she was very quiet most of the time.


However, her silence did not mean that her presence was not felt.

There was one simple reason for that—she was incredibly beautiful!


The ultraviolet rays near the high seas were brutal and the skin of the girls on the ship were tanned, just like Little You.

It was a huge contrast compared to Lin Hanxing who stood opposite her.

“Someone forked out a large sum of money and booked the entire cruise today.” Little You’s eyes fell on Lin Hanxing’s face as she spoke.


‘Lin Hanxing is so beautiful!’ she thought.

Her skin was as fair and delicate as porcelain, just like a doll in a picture book. Her thick dark lashes, and the mole under her right eye…

“On the second floor.” Little You seemed to recall something and she blushed again.

‘The man who was standing there when I entered… He’s just too handsome!’ Little You thought.

Lin Hanxing remained silent—she was not interested at all.

The bar had prepared the beverages to be sent to the second floor. The bartender waved at Lin Hanxing as she was on duty that day.

However, a shadow flitted before her—someone else had reacted faster than Lin Hanxing.

“Let me do it.”

Having gotten a better look at who it was, Little You subtly pursed her lips.

The person who spoke was the head waitress.

The scope of responsibilities of a head waitress did not include serving beverages, which made it abundantly clear that she had ulterior motives.

The head waitress cleared her throat and pulled her neckline slightly lower.

Little You groaned as soon as the head waitress had gone up the stairs.

Lin Hanxing remained indifferent and distanced herself from it the entire time.

“Why are you angry?” Lin Hanxing looked at Little You’s fuming and dissatisfied expression.

“She obviously wants to seduce...”

Little You’s words were muffled in Lin Hanxing’s indifferent eyes.

“Why would someone who can afford to rent the entire cruise ship care about a measly waitress.” Lin Hanxing’s words revealed the sense of maturity that did not match her age.

Little You was stunned and her initial thoughts of meeting that man had completely dissipated.

“Hanxing, why did you board the cruise to be a waitress?”

Unbeknownst to everyone else, she remembered very clearly Lin Hanxing voiced out and helped her out of a difficult situation when a few days ago. That time, she felt distressed when she could not understand the language of a few foreign tourists who asked her about something.

She looked up to Lin Hanxing’s fluent accent.

Lin Hanxing was like a maze. No one knew where she was from nor how long was she going to stay there.

Lin Hanxing looked askance at Little You as she heard the question.

Those amber pupils looked ridiculously beautiful…

Suddenly, a high-pitched scream sounded in the initially quiet space.

It was the head waitress’ voice!

Little You trembled with fear. However, she saw Lin Hanxing looking alertly toward the second floor. Following that, heavy footsteps were heard.

Soon, several well-trained men with guns spread out all around them.


Moments after Lin Hanxing warned, the back of a madman appeared near the staircase at almost the same time.