✦✦✦Note- Since reading this before the latest chapters may reveal some spoilers, read at your own discretion.

Mana is a mystical energy that comes from the planet itself. Like a heart, it pulses mystical energy generally called mana, to every corner of the world.

Mana can generally take five basic forms:- Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, and four rare forms:- Light, Dark, Time, and lastly Space. The five basic forms of mana are more widespread in Althaea, few people and species can harness the four rare forms of mana.

These magic are further divided into three tiers:- Novice, Intermediate and Advanced.action

Branches of MagicNovice- Fire Wind Electro Earth Water

Intermediate- Flame Gale Lightning Tremor TBA


Advanced- Infernal TBA TBA TBA Permafrost


Novice- Dark Light Space Time

Intermediate- Abyssal TBA Void Aeon

Advanced- TBA Divine Dimensional TBA

✪TBA- To Be Added


✪ I already have the tiers of all the attributes of magic but unless it is been revealed in the latest chapters, I will not be adding it.


When one learns more than one branch of magic, they have a slight chance of gaining enlightenment in [Amalgamation magic].Amalgamation magic is the product of adding two or more attributes of mana together.

[Mutated Magic]- TBA


Types of ores that can be mined in the world of Althaea (in descending to ascending order in terms of quality)


Ordinary Metal->WhiteSilver->BlackGold->Mythril->TBA->TBA


Demon Noble Ranks (From highest to lowest)

♕Demon Lord

⬆Demon Archduke

⬆Demon Duke

⬆Demon Marquess

⬆Demon Earl

⬆Demon Viscount

⬆Demon Baron