"Su Yier's eyes were sparkling, innocent, yet charming, making one fall for her. Her red lips were slightly open, and her breath fragranced orchids. Then, she took off her clothes, revealing her white and sexy shoulders…."

(10,000 words are omitted to protect the availability of the book.)

Fang Jinyu put down the book in his hand and was lost in his thoughts.

In the end, Fang Jinyu couldn't help but be sure that he had now transmigrated into a female protagonist cultivation novel. However, before his transmigration, he had never read such a female protagonist cultivation novel.

He was definitely in the worst situation!

And how did Fang Jinyu realize the situation?

It was related to the book in his hand.


This morning, the book suddenly appeared in front of him. The book was about a woman named Su Yier who benched numerous handsome guys with her beauty and talent during her cultivation. Such as her senior brother, her junior brother, her martial uncle, her master, the Lich King, the King of Demons, and many others…

It wasn't the end of the story, but the book stopped mentioning Su Yier.

Fang Jinyu felt like crying, but the tears wouldn't come. It wasn't because he had no idea about the story's second half. It was because of his identity! He was cannon fodder who had only lived for one chapter in the book!

If things had gone as expected, he would have had an accident today.

According to the book's description, Su Yier was doted on by her master after acknowledging him. Since her spiritual roots were too poor, her master was planning to give her a chance to visit the Lingdu Secret Realm.

The Lingdu Secret Realm was a place full of cultivating opportunities prepared for the inner disciples. Although it wasn't hazardous, there were plenty of cultivation opportunities. Every disciple who once entered the Lingdu Secret Realm would successfully breakthrough from the Qi Condensation stage to the Foundation Establishment stage while leaving!


Therefore, all of the Tianling Sect's disciples were looking forward to visiting the Lingdu Secret Realm.

However, since there were so many benefits to visiting the Lingdu Secret Realm, the number of people allowed to enter would definitely be limited. The Lingdu Secret Realm was opened once every 30 years, and new reservations for being allowed to enter needed to wait at least 100 years later.

Of course, there would also be some particular cultivators allowed to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm.

For example, Fang Jinyu was allowed particularly to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm. Since Fang Jinyu's parents sacrificed themselves for the Tianling Sect, the Tianling Sect Leader allowed him to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm.

However, he was also the last one to be allowed particularly.

As such, after Su Yier's master failed to obtain a chance for her from the sect leader, she immediately targeted Fang Jinyu.


It was because he had no background in the Tianling Sect.

Ultimately, Fang Jinyu wasn't able to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm. His chance was forcefully taken away by Su Yier's master with his words, "Su Yier can't wait for thirty years."

Fang Jinyu had to face reality even though he was naturally dissatisfied with the situation. He had no choice but to drown his sorrows. However, he accidentally fell off the cliff and lost his life.

It seemed that Fang Jinyu's death was caused by his carelessness.

However, Fang Jinyu was already at rank 9 in the Qi Condensation stage!Would a cultivator at rank 9 in the Qi Condensation stage die because he was drunk? Who the heck would believe such nonsense! Although a cultivator at rank 9 in the Qi Condensation stage couldn't fly a magical item, he could still stay in the air for a short time. Moreover, not to mention that he learned the wind harness technique, which was a technique that wind spiritual roots cultivators had to learn.

As for Fang Jinyu, he was a cultivator with wind, lightning, and fire spiritual roots. He had already mastered the wind harness technique many years ago.

Hence, there was definitely something going on behind the scenes of Fang Jinyu's death in the book.

"Is there anything more unlucky than such a situation?"

Fang Jinyu's heart was stifled.

Meanwhile, the book that appeared early in the morning suddenly turned into a burst of starlight and disappeared.

"Aah, it disappeared..."

"There's no detailed description either..."

Fang Jinyu was a little shocked, but his expression was calm. He could handle the situation calmly because he had dealt with too many bizarre cases in a short time.

Then he began to think of a countermeasure.

First, he ruled out the possibility of using force to combat the enemy.action

He was just a cultivator at rank 9 in the Qi Condensation stage. He must be out of his mind to fight a Core Formation stage cultivator!

He was left with no choice but to use his wits.

However, Fang Jinyu wasn't an intelligent person. He couldn't come up with any good ideas. After all, an invisible hand wanted him dead even if he was willing to give up the chance to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm!

According to the book, Su Yier's master had already developed feelings for her. In the eyes of Su Yier's master, Su Yier was the purest and most perfect treasure that even the slightest flaw could not taint.

However, stealing other people's opportunities was unquestionably a flaw.

Her master was the one who made the trade. However, which Qi Condensation stage cultivator would dare reject the trade made by a Core Formation stage cultivator?

Therefore, it was apparent that the best course of action was to silence him permanently.


Fang Jinyu couldn't help but curse and think, "How did such a neurotic, lovesick cultivator break through the Core Formation stage?"

"Oh! It's a love-oriented novel world, right? Then, that's fine."

"Why don't I sell all the chances to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm privately?" Fang Jinyu thought, but he quickly shook his head.

The Tianling Sect wouldn't allow such a situation to happen. It was to prevent people from using such an opportunity to snatch other people's chances to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm.

After all, no Qi Condensation stage cultivator would be willing to give up such an opportunity to break through the Foundation Establishment stage. Moreover, the Lingdu Secret Realm offered not only the chance to advance in cultivation but also precious magic treasures!

Every magic treasure in this world was either created naturally by Heaven and Earth or refined from the essence of Heaven and Earth. As a result, luck could be found in all magic treasures.Once a cultivator obtained a magic treasure, the cultivator could share the luck of the magic treasure after refining it.

What kind of treasure was luck? There was no need to go into detail.

Fang Jinyu could not help but sigh.

It was a dead end!

He couldn't make deals with others in private. However, the other party could make deals due to his identity as a Core Formation stage cultivator.

Fang Jinyu was so aggrieved that he wanted to vomit blood.

Fang Jinyu thought, "Wait a minute, I can't offend him, but I can hide from him, right?" Suddenly, he remembered a special task in the Tianling Sect: cleaning the feces of the sect's guardian spirit beast.

The spirit beasts of the Tianling Sect weren't the bloodline of any ancient mystic beasts. However, it was a group of mutated black pigs. Despite their strength, they couldn't stop eating and needed a lot of food daily.

It was said that the mutated black pigs were willing to surrender to the Tianling Sect because it provided them with food and drink.

Since the black spirit pigs had a huge appetite, their feces was so plentiful that they could be piled up to form a small mountain!

It should have been the responsibility of a core formation stage cultivator. After all, it was the sect's guardian spirit beast! However, how could a Core Formation stage cultivator be willing to do it? Thus, he passed the buck to the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators.

However, the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators were also not willing to do so. Hence, they assigned the task to the Qi Condensation stage cultivators.

Therefore, a few unlucky Qi Condensation stage cultivators would be sent monthly to help the spirit beasts clean up.

"It's better to be stinking to high heaven than to die!"

Gritting his teeth, Fang Jinyu made his decision.

There was a Core Formation stage beast among the black spirit pigs. If the master of the female lead, Su Yier's master, really wanted to kill him, the king of black spirit pigs would save him and not leave him in the lurch.

Fang Jinyu was sure about it since the book had mentioned that the king of black spirit pigs had a good impression of the Tianling Sect disciples who were willing to help it clean up.

Moreover, Su Yier's master had a severe case of mysophobia!

Without hesitating, Fang Jinyu left the immortal estate he was living in, used his wind harness technique to descend from the mountainside, and came to a valley.

Before Fang Jinyu entered, he could already smell an "alluring" scent.

However, he still braced himself and went in.

Since the job was usually vacant, it wasn't hard for him to obtain it. If it were an attractive job, the sect wouldn't have to choose disciples to fulfill the job by drawing lots. Hence, the martial uncle in charge of the valley welcomed him with a big smile.

As expected, Su Yier's master didn't come to force him to exchange for a chance to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm as described in the book.

Even though Fang Jinyu couldn't stand the stink, he was still excited.

"Am I changing my fate?"

Fang Jinyu could not help but think.

Afterward, he suddenly saw an unexpected scene.

[Today is the day to clean up poop.]

[Refined appearance +1]

If he wasn't wrong, it was something like a system. However, who could tell him why cleaning poop could refine a person's appearance?