Chapter 2399: Extra: Gate of Truth (2/2)

An Lin wasn’t rashly ingesting the crumbled Gate of Truth. Instead, he was relying on the engulfing ability of his Heavenly Darkness Power. He continued to furiously ingest and digest the crumbled Gate of Truth, and surprisingly, he actually managed to obtain the Power of Truth from it. He was able to perfectly fuse this power into his body.

An Lin was ecstatic, and he immediately swallowed the entirety of the crumbled Gate of Truth!

Not long ago, Meng Qi had said that he was only a shell of a transcendent being and that he didn’t possess the power and essence of a transcendent being.

Now, however, An Lin had obtained the Power of Truth by forcefully engulfing the Gate of Truth!



A profound power erupted within him.

The Path of Truth quaked, and the countless universes beneath it shuddered. It was as if they were shaking in apprehension.

Indeed, an indescribable being had appeared.

The eyes of the three transcendent beings widened in shock as they stared at An Lin, unblinking.

“Paramount Heavenly Darkness God, you… you actually ate the gate?!”

“What did it taste like?”


“Will you be fine?”

Hearing the transcendent beings’ questions, An Lin smiled and said, “It tasted so-so. Anyhow, it’s time for me to digest it.”

As he said this, he sat down to meditate.

An Lin furiously digested the Gate of Truth.

After heaven knows how many years, he finally stood back up.

An Lin opened his eyes. His skin was jade-like, and his appearance was handsome and natural. He seemed no different from before.


However, the three transcendent beings knew that the man before them… was profoundly terrifying!

He had already obtained the Power of Truth that he had been missing. Right now, he was a complete transcendent being.

In fact, it could be said that he was a never-before-seen transcendent being. He was a transcendent being who couldn’t be judged using past and present experiences!

An Lin wanted to summon more Gates of Truth. However, the Path of Truth didn’t respond to him anymore.

“Tsk… Am I being scorned?” An Lin said with a shake of his head.

Ruler Bai Luo grimaced, and he said, “You’re fortunate that the Path of Truth isn’t killing you on the spot.”

An Lin smiled upon hearing this. His smile was filled with confidence, and he said, “It doesn’t have the power to kill me.”

The three transcendent beings fell silent.

At this moment, a beautiful woman in jade suddenly launched a palm strike at the man.

Tens of thousands of Truths blossomed amid this palm, transforming into a profound and peerless light.

A faint smile spread across An Lin’s face as he extended a finger to tap on the pale and slender palm.

Truth crumbled, and all matter evaporated into clouds and mists.

A delighted smile spread across Xu Xiaolan’s face, and she said, “Hubby, you only ate a single gate, yet you’ve become more powerful than me, who opened seven gates!”

The three transcendent beings felt dizzy with shock upon hearing this.

Just who in the world are these people?

He ate a single Gate of Truth, yet he can rival the power of someone who opened seven Gates of Truth?

If I knew this earlier, I would have also eaten a Gate of Truth!

Of course, they could only dream about this.

The Gates of Truth would only appear during the moment that they transcended. Even though the Gates of Truth for different people would be different, this didn’t mean that they possessed the power to resist the backlash from the Gates of Truth. In any case, they weren’t freakish enough to draw on the power of a paramount universe to destroy a Gate of Truth anyway. Only the man before them could accomplish such a freakish feat!

Upon thinking of this, a hint of respect and apprehension appeared in the eyes of the three transcendent beings as they looked at An Lin.

What could one obtain by forcefully ingesting a Gate of Truth? Perhaps only An Lin knew the answer to this.

This extraordinary being… Was his appearance a fortune or calamity for the transcendent beings?

Just then, they had still been thinking that An Lin couldn’t even open a single Gate of Truth, so he was about to become the weakest transcendent being in history. To their disbelief, however, he had suddenly unleashed a paramount power to obliterate the Gate of Truth.

So be it if he had only destroyed the Gate of Truth. However, he had actually ingested the crumbled Gate of Truth! Moreover, by doing so, he had obtained more power than someone who had opened seven Gates of Truth!

An Lin’s feat almost blinded the immortal eyes of the transcendent beings.

“Puah…!” An Lin suddenly spat a mouthful of blood.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Xiaolan exclaimed. Her expression changed drastically, and she hurriedly dashed over to support An Lin. At the same time, she injected her power into An Lin to observe his situation. Her face instantly became pale, and she said, “There’s an orb of power that’s continuously attacking your essence…”

“It’s the Power of Truth,” An Lin said with a smile. “Sure enough, taking by force has led to a backlash.”

“Then how can we deal with it?” Xu Xiaolan asked. She was a powerful and confident person, yet she couldn’t help but feel stumped at this moment. Even though she had opened seven Gates of Truth, she still couldn’t come up with any method to deal with the current situation. She could only say in panic, “How about you spit out the Gate of Truth that you ingested?”

A bitter smile appeared on An Lin’s face, and he said, “The Gate of Truth has already fused together with me. I can’t remove it anymore.”

At this moment, An Lin and Xu Xiaolan could only turn pleading gazes to the three transcendent beings.

It was likely that these three beings had already enjoyed their position of transcendence for a very long time. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been playing board games on the Path of Truth out of boredom.

Not taking into account other matters, their experience was definitely superior to An Lin’s and Xu Xiaolan’s.

The three transcendent beings took turns in examining An Lin’s condition.

After examining him, however, they all wore deep frowns.

“How is it?”

“This… In terms of life essence, the Paramount Heavenly Darkness God is already no different from ordinary transcendent beings. However, the Power of Truth is strangely trying to engulf its master. This is the first time that we’ve come across such a situation…” Meng Qi said.

An Lin smiled bitterly and said, “By the looks of it, it’s still unwilling to submit.”

Ruler Bai Luo pondered for a moment before saying, “We’re unable to help you. However, there is somewhere where you might find help…”

“Where?” Xu Xiaolan hurriedly asked.

“In the Hong Meng Universe,” Ruler Bai Luo replied.

“Hong Meng Universe?” An Lin glanced at Meng Qi and continued, “Isn’t that the paramount universe that you refined into a peculiar point?”

An expression of exasperation spread across Meng Qi’s face, and he said, “It’s just a coincidence in naming. The Hong Meng Universe that Ruler Bai Luo speaks of is a place that we transcendent beings yearn for yet fear.”

“Why is that?” Xu Xiaolan asked.

With his tens of thousands of tentacles, Meng Qi sent ripples through the vast and boundless sea of stars beneath them. “Us transcendent beings have all transcended from paramount universes. We’ve walked the Path of Truth, and we’ve opened the Gates of Truth. By doing so, we’ve forged an indestructible body and obtained eternal life…

“Where in this boundless universe can’t we go? Through the endless flow of time, who can threaten us? We’re free and unshackled, and we can enjoy this limitless world to our heart’s content.

“In fact, we can even use the universe as our go board and use all living beings as our pieces.

“We’re transcendent above all beings, and there’s nothing we can’t do…

“However, in the Hong Meng Universe…”

Meng Qi glanced at An Lin and Xu Xiaolan before saying in a solemn voice, “We can also die!”

An Lin and Xu Xiaolan were stunned upon hearing this.

In reality, they had also developed a sense of omnipotence after reaching this level. It was as if they had grasped the entirety of the boundless universe.

They were genuinely shocked when Meng Qi revealed that they could still die.

“As we all know, a single paramount universe can only contain a single transcendent being. Moreover, each paramount universe definitely has its own unique creator.

“However, in the Hong Meng Universe, there are numerous transcendent beings coexisting at the same time. Moreover, this universe appears to have no master. Among all paramount universes, this universe seems to be a unique exception. In fact, it’s extremely likely that it can’t even be considered as a paramount universe. Instead, it’s a mutated universe!

“The essence of a universe determines the peak achievement that the beings within it can reach. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?

“If you want to completely fuse together with the Power of Truth, you won’t find an answer in the paramount universes. Only in the mysterious and profoundly dangerous Hong Meng Universe will you have a chance to find the answer.”

An Lin and Xu Xiaolan fell into deep thought.

They understood Meng Qi’s words.

The mysterious Hong Meng Universe, a universe that might contain many transcendent beings, a terrifying universe where even transcendent beings could be killed… This was indeed a universe that could hold many unimaginable secrets.

It was unimaginable in nature, and it, therefore, represented countless possibilities.

“An Lin, let’s go!”

Xu Xiaolan wore a resolute expression as she tugged on An Lin’s hand.

“But we’ve gone through so much effort to transcend. To charge into danger again…” An Lin wore a guilty expression as he spoke.

A gentle warmth fell into his arms.

The woman in jade tightly embraced the man before her.

“If you’re not well, then what’s the point of me transcending?”

Her voice reverberated around the Path of Truth. Her voice warmed the heart of the man before her.

Somewhere along the Path of Truth.

The three transcendent beings pointed at a universe before them and said, “That’s the Hong Meng Universe.”

An Lin and Xu Xiaolan looked over.

Sure enough, the Hong Meng Universe was different from the other universes. The other universes were all filled with intertwining and complicated celestial systems. Meanwhile, the Hong Meng Universe looked like a vast expanse of mist. As transcendent beings, they were surprisingly unable to clearly observe the situation of the Hong Meng Universe.

“That’s the Hong Meng Universe… a universe that’s filled with perilous dangers. It’s the resting place of many powerful transcendent beings…” A hint of fear flashed across Ruler Bai Luo’s eyes as he said this.

They possessed a limitless lifespan, and they possessed powers that were unrivaled in the paramount universes. They could enjoy many things, and it was because of this that they weren’t willing to enter that kind of dangerous place. They didn’t want to risk their lives.

However, there were naturally those who were drawn by adventure and danger. Or perhaps they yearned to reach an even higher level. Thus, many transcendent beings entered the Hong Meng Universe, hoping to find a rare opportunity that belonged to them.

“Let’s enter,” Xu Xiaolan held onto An Lin’s hand and said. Her expression was resolute.

“M-hm.” An Lin nodded in reply.

The two of them held hands as they drifted toward the Hong Meng Universe. Their transcendent figures gradually descended into the Hong Meng Universe.

This was a journey through the universes.

An Lin and Xu Xiaolan both came across immense obstacles. If it weren’t for their transcendent powers, the Heavenly Dao Power of the paramount universes would have instantly quashed them into nothingness.

They traveled through countless barriers.

Finally, they arrived in a vast and boundless universe.

A limitless realm of stars appeared before them.


The Heavenly Dao trembled violently, with its shockwaves slamming into their bodies. These were shockwaves that could easily annihilate God of Creation Stage divine beings. However, it was such shockwaves that were easily swept aside by them.

However, before they could even familiarize themselves with the environment of this universe, they were already engulfed in an intense and endless battle.

This was a universal-level battle.

Countless universal battleships were flying in formation, spitting out dazzling and terrifying columns of energy that pierced through the realm of stars.

Countless powerful beings clashed in the void, with their paramount weapons colliding and shattering the surrounding space, causing countless bursts of dazzling energy to illuminate the entire universe.

Mythological Beasts soared through the sky, with their bodies so colossal that they could rival entire planets. With a single attack, they could obliterate an entire planet and destroy the hundreds of universal battleships upon it.

There were also divine beings who unleashed their radiance, with their divine light so dazzling that it could pierce through the desolate universe. Their divine chants could more so shatter one’s heart. Countless one-eyed and six-armed beings were reduced to ashes by the blinding light.

Elsewhere, ethereal and transcendent immortals also drifted through space, with a single tap from their fingers being able to obliterate the mountains and evaporate the seas of a planet. Their destructive powers could instantly annihilate hundreds of millions of the one-eyed monsters.

An Lin discovered that this was a colossal battle between the one-eyed, six-armed beings and the alliance of immortals and Mythological Beasts. Or perhaps this was a massacre of the one-eyed, six-armed beings by the immortals and Mythological Beasts.

This was a celestial system that was ruled by the civilization and technology of the one-eyed monsters.

There were countless one-eyed beings in this celestial system, and they were in possession of an extremely advanced civilization.

At this moment, however, they were facing the most ferocious invasion. This was a universal-level battle, one in which the power of destruction was about to engulf the entire celestial system!

“Hmm? There seem to be two cultivators who accidentally entered over there?”

“Tsk… That woman is so beautiful, I like it. Hahaha…”

“Entering the battleground of an Immortal King without permission… Death!”

“Tsk… But there are also exceptions where we can capture them instead. Hehehe…”

Upon discovering the two dumbfounded cultivators, several powerful beings drew their devastating weapons.. They chuckled coldly as they gazed at An Lin and Xu Xiaolan.