Chapter 1025: Warm Midnight, Torturing Scumbag  

“Your Majesty, calm down.”

Xie Jinnian served a cup of brewed Jue Mingzi tea.

It would be strange if the King of the Southern Wilderness could calm down.

Wei Xu could be located slowly if he disappeared. At most, he would lose a fierce general, but the person in the abandoned mine concerned his life and death and the throne.

The rise of the Great Zhou army was imminent. If that person came out to cause trouble, it would bring him a lot of trouble.


“Summon the Cheng family!” The King of the Southern Wilderness ordered.

The little servant looked at Xie Jinnian in fear.

Xie Jinnian asked the King of the Nanjiang, “Your Majesty, is it enough to summon Cheng Lian and Xie Yunhe?”

The King of the Southern Wilderness originally planned to summon Cheng Sang and the little girl.

However, after being asked by Xie Jinnian, he remembered that Cheng Sang had gone crazy. That girl had just arrived in the capital and had offended the Saintess.

Wherever the Saintess went, she would definitely not explain it to the two of



“Yes.” He nodded calmly.

The young attendant heaved a sigh of relief. It was all thanks to Eunuch Jin. Otherwise, his head would have fallen countless times.

At this moment, it was already past midnight. Cheng Lian and Xie Yunhe had long rested.

When she was woken up by the maidservant, Cheng Lian was a little unhappy. When she heard that it was His Majesty who summoned her, she was so frightened that she immediately woke up.

The maidservant was anxious. Cheng Lian tidied up briefly and bumped into Xie Yunhe, who had ignored her for many days.


Xie Yunhe got into the carriage first.

Cheng Lian hesitated for a moment before sitting up under the urging of the servant.

Xie Yunhe closed his eyes and rested, unwilling to pay attention to her at all.

Cheng Lian still had feelings for him. She pinched the handkerchief in her hand and mustered her courage to take the initiative to say, “Master, you’ve lost weight.”

Xie Yunhe still had his eyes closed and did not say anything.

Cheng Lian was not discouraged. “Master, why do you think His Majesty summoned us to the palace in the middle of the night?”

Xie Yunhe still ignored her.

Cheng Lian looked at the swaying curtain and knew that the little eunuch was riding outside. She did not want to be seen as a joke by others, so she stopped asking for trouble.

After the two of them entered the palace, they were immediately brought to the Chengde Hall of the King of the Southern Wilderness.

The King of the Southern Wilderness sat at the master seat. The powerful emperor’s pressure pressed down on the two of them until they could not breathe.

Xie Jinnian stood beside the King of the Southern Border. His respectful expression made people feel that he was not to be trifled with.

The two of them knelt down and bowed.

The King of the Southern Wilderness did not beat around the bush with the two of them and asked bluntly, ‘Where is the Saintess?”

Was this actually for the Saintess?

The two of them were a little surprised. Just as they were about to subconsciously look up, they suddenly remembered that they could not profane the sacred face.

Cheng Lian asked in a daze, “Isn’t the Saintess in the Holy Maiden Temple?” Xie Yunhe lowered his eyes and replied respectfully, “Your Majesty, the

Saintess hasn’t returned to the Cheng family for a few days.”

The King of the Southern Wilderness asked, “When was the last time she returned to the Cheng family?”

Xie Yunhe looked at Cheng Lian. Ever since he fell out with Cheng Lian and Cheng Qingxue, the Saintess’ relationship with him had faded. She only returned to the residence to see Cheng Lian and would not look for him.

Cheng Lian suppressed the nervousness in her heart and replied in a low voice,

“About… five days ago.”

The King of the Southern Wilderness said in a low voice, “What did she say to you? Tell me the truth!”

Cheng Lian’s heart skipped a beat.

Why did His Majesty sound like he was interrogating her?

Could it be that her daughter had done something wrong?

Xie Jinnian reminded her, “Cheng Lian, answer His Majesty quickly.”

“Yes… yes!”

Cheng Lian told her about the conversation with the Saintess that day, but she omitted the part about her argument with Su Xiaoxiao regarding Cheng Sang meeting a man in the mine.

After all, she had really harmed Cheng Sang and was afraid that His Majesty would investigate.

The King of the Southern Wilderness looked deeply at Cheng Lian and Xie


Just as the two of them thought that the King of the Southern Wilderness was going to question them, the King of the Southern Wilderness gave Xie Jinnian a look.

Xie Jinnian walked forward with a smile. “The Saintess has suddenly disappeared. His Majesty is very worried about the Saintess’ safety. If the two of you have news of the Saintess, please enter the palace in time to report it to His Majesty.”

Xie Yunhe hurriedly said, “Definitely.”

Xie Jinnian called the little eunuch over and sent the two of them out of the palace.

Xie Yunhe gently helped the pale Cheng Lian up.

Cheng Lian enjoyed Xie Yunhe’s warmth and even forgot to be afraid.

As soon as she got into the carriage, Xie Yunhe let go of her coldly, waking Cheng Lian from her fantasy.

After the carriage left the palace, Xie Yunhe looked at Cheng Lian coldly. “What did you say to Qingyao that day?”

Cheng Lian said guiltily, “I didn’t say anything…

Xie Yunhe said angrily, “Are you even going to hide it from me? Didn’t you hear His Majesty say that Qingyao is missing? I think you don’t want to find her!”

Cheng Lian said aggrievedly, “How can that be? She’s my biological daughter. I’m sadder than anyone else that she went missing!”

Xie Yunhe berated, “Then tell me everything!”

Cheng Lian told him about Su Xiaoxiao slandering her. “…I really didn’t harm Cheng Sang, nor did I find a man to ruin her reputation in the mine!”

The first sentence was fake, and the second was true.

But Xie Yunhe listened.

He had always felt that there was a secret in the mine. Now, it seemed that it was most likely true.

The Saintess’s disappearance was probably related to this secret.

After returning to the Cheng family, he went to look for Cheng Sang and was told that the family head was not around.

“Madam has been out for two days. Do you know where she went?” he asked the maidservant in the courtyard.

The maidservant shook her head. “Madam didn’t tell me.”


Steward Cui jogged over and whispered something to him.

Xie Yunhe frowned. “Really?”

Steward Cui whispered, “It’s absolutely true. An Zi saw it with his own eyes during the day. It’s behind the coffin shop in Changliu Lane.”

Xie Yunhe muttered, “Madam, why did you go there?” Steward Cui said, “Master, go rest first. I’ll send someone to look for her at dawn.”

Xie Yunhe said, “There’s no need. I’ll go over myself. Prepare the carriage.”

Steward Cui was stunned. “Now?”

It was not even dawn!

Cheng Sang slept early and woke up early.

The moment she opened her eyes, she saw Su Xiaoxiao sleeping beside her.

Her heart was instantly cured.

It was not a dream.

Weiwei was back.

She stroked Su Xiaoxiao’s cheek lovingly.

She could watch Su Xiaoxiao sleep for the entire day.

However, she was a little thirsty.

She got out of bed and poured water to drink.

As she drank, she heard movement in the courtyard.

She pushed open the door.

Under the clear moonlight, a man in a wide robe was sitting on a stone stool and looking up at the starry sky.

There was no palm lamp, and the starlight was light.

Cheng Sang looked at him curiously. “Who are you?”

The man turned around and was slightly stunned when he saw Cheng Sang. A trace of nervousness flashed across his eyes. “Sangsang?” “Huh?” Cheng Sang tilted her head with her teacup.

The man smiled gently. “Sangsang can’t sleep either?”

“I’m awake, ” Cheng Sang whispered. “Keep your voice down too. Don’t disturb Weiwei.”

The man had already learned about Cheng Sang’s situation from Su Xiaoxiao.

He smiled and nodded. “Okay, does Sangsang want to come over and sit?”

Cheng Sang looked at the snacks on the table and swallowed. She slowly walked over and sat down.

She sat upright and glanced at the snacks from time to time.

The man brought the snacks to her. “You can eat them.” Cheng Sang happily took a piece and ate it heartily.

The man looked at her. “Does Sangsang still remember me?”

Cheng Sang shook his head and looked at the half-eaten rice cake. She asked carefully, “I don’t remember. Can I eat it?”

The man was amused by her. The melancholy he had felt all night suddenly dissipated.

Just like that night many years ago.

She had changed.

But she didn’t seem to have changed.

The corners of Cheng Sang’s mouth were stained with rice cake foam.

The man took out a clean handkerchief and tried to approach her.

After making sure that she was not resistant, he gently wiped the corners of her lips.

Cheng Sang did not reject him.

He wiped Sd Cheng Sang ate.

When Xie Yunhe came over, he saw this eye-catching scene.

His blood qi exploded!