“By the way, Lord Xu Mu, why did you ask me to come to the Linhai Council?”

Yang Qi looked at Xu Mu with a puzzled expression.

“Let’s talk as we walk.”

Xu Mu then stood up from his throne and walked towards the main hall.

Yang Qi also followed him.

Xu Mu spoke to Yang Qi after leaving the main hall.

“River City has been attacked by Demonic Devils, and there are countless casualties. So let’s go there and take a look.”


Yang Qi was secretly surprised. Why would Lord Xu Mu go there personally?

Xu Mu seemed to have noticed Yang Qi’s doubt. He smiled and said, “Yang Qi, I just want to see your combat ability.”

Yang Qi understood what he meant.

River City.

Three days ago, River City was attacked by Demonic Devils. The Martial Artists, the army, and countless residents were killed!

The streets were filled with rivers of blood, and corpses piled up like a mountain!


Everyone was in danger!

The Demonic Devils came too quickly, and the residents just did not have time to retreat.

River City and Jiang City were about the same size, and the number of Martial Artists and soldiers was just too few. They were simply no match for the Demonic Devils.

Yang Qi and Xu Mu had just arrived outside River City!

They then heard the terrifying roars of the Demonic Devils.



Immediately after that, heart-wrenching screams echoed in their ears.

“Let’s go in.”Xu Mu said.

The two of them walked into River City.

They met more than a dozen Primary Demon Soldiers as soon as they entered River City!

“Hehe, humans!”

The group of Primary Demon Soldiers smiled coldly at Yang Qi and Xu Mu.

In their eyes, Yang Qi and Xu Mu were destined to be killed by them.

“Yang Qi, you go and deal with them.”


Yang Qi responded and drew the Red Fire Prisoner Bull Blade.

“Slash Point + 10.”

He stared at the group of Primary Demon Soldiers in front of him and shouted, “All of you, go to hell!”

Yang Qi slashed down with the Red Fire Prisoner Bull Blade in his hand.


A terrifying sabre light swept out instantly!

The group of Primary Demon Soldiers were shocked. They never expected Yang Qi to be a Martial Artist, but he also happened to be a very powerful one at that.


The bodies of the Primary Demon Soldier group were all separated from the middle. Their corpses were too horrible to look at!

“Killing 15 Primary Demon Soldier, Slash Points + 4500.”

The system’s voice sounded in Yang Qi’s mind.

Xu Mu looked at Yang Qi’s attack and nodded his head in satisfaction.

Although the group of Primary Demon Soldiers were weak, some young Martial Artists were still afraid of them. Flowers in a greenhouse could sometimes cause disasters.“Let’s clear the Demonic Devils in River City separately.” Xu Mu slowly said.

Xu Mu then walked towards a direction after saying that.

When Yang Qi heard him, he put the Red Fire Prisoner Bull Blade into the sheath on his back.


A terrifying explosion resounded!

Yang Qi quickly walked over.

“There are too many Demonic Devils. We can’t hold on any longer!”

“Even if we can’t hold on, we still have to hold on!”

“I don’t want to die!”

An angry voice, a despairing voice, and a sobbing voice suddenly sounded in Yang Qi’s ears.

Yang Qi looked at the hundreds of people in front of him. They were all soldiers and were using guns to continuously shoot at the Demonic Devils that were charging at them!

There were over a hundred Demonic Devils attacking!

Although these group of Demonic Devils were all Primary Demon Soldiers, they still had an absolute advantage against the several hundred human soldiers. After all, the Demonic Devil’s defence was too strong and no one could tell how many bullets were needed to kill one.

The hundred or so Primary Demon Soldiers had broken through the defence line, while sustaining minimal casualties!magic

And these Primary Demon Soldiers had already arrived in front of the several hundred human soldiers.

“Hehe, humans, you’re all going to die!”

The human soldiers’ faces were filled with despair.

They knew that there was no longer any possibility of survival.

Suddenly, a ray of light that was dozens of meters long slashed over.


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