Chapter 32: A Letter to Grandma (The End)

New semester was about to start. My dad decided to tell my grandma the relationship between me and him.

Anyway, he had moved out. No matter what, it would not be worse than that now.

While, I thought it was inappropriate.

My dad comforted me: “Don’t fret. Worst-case scenario, she would kick your ass you!”

I: ...


Look, he was indeed scum! He was doting me very much half a month ago, but now he just let me get beaten up.

Alas. This was his true color.

But seriously, if my grandma beaten me, I would feel better.

I was afraid that instead of beating me up, she was just disappointed with me, which scared me the most.


Well... Hello, everyone. It may be the last time for me to update the post.


The part about my grandma had come to an end. But at the beginning of a new semester, I was busy with the affair about the club, so I had no time putting an end to the story until now.

So, the last part was as following.

Later on, I agreed with my dad’s proposal.

I chose to go home before I went back to school.

With guilt, I didn’t dare to ask my father to drive me back. Instead, I borrowed a car from him and went back on my own. Also, I took a lot of gifts, some of which were selected in Japan. Besides, I added other gifts.

It was often said that politeness cost nothing.


Quite surprisingly, my grandma was not at home.

After she retired, except the long-distance trips, she was seldom at home. Even if she wanted to hang out with her friends, she would meet them at home.

It was so abnormal that I was a little perturbed, so I called my dad.

Hearing that, my dad said, “What a pleasant coincidence, you can write a letter to her and confide to her. Then you can come back.”

...My dad had made great progress in word-choosing lately.

I thanked him for his advice and hung up.

At that time, I had figured out that, as a brave man, I should tell her personally and bear everything no matter what would happen.

After all, my dad had already told her once, so it was not so hard for her to accept if I told her the truth.

However, my grandma didn’t come back even if it was evening.

Moreover, the house maid only cooked for me and her, that was to say, my grandma would not come back for dinner!

—In order to show my filial piety, I told her before I came back.

She usually loved me and attached great importance to family harmony and quality time. So, according to her habits and beliefs, of course she would have dinner with me before I start my new semester!

Now she didn’t come home to have dinner with me, which made me perturbed.

I always thought there was something wrong.

So I called my dad again, but he answered and hung it up in a hurry. It seemed that he was busy. So I didn’t bother him again.

After hanging up the phone, I ended up showing up at my grandma’s room door.

Then, I actually wrote a letter to her.

I wrote it for about two hours, with about two or three thousand words. It was so sincere that I was almost moved to tears when I read it. That made me surprised.

I thought it, maybe, perhaps, should, probably, would touch her.

When I finished this letter, I felt uncomfortable. So I left it in her room and ran back to my dad’s house.

Having worried about it all night, I secretly called the house maid to ask for the situation the next morning.

Well, she told me a more unexpected thing that my grandma went travelling with my aunt yesterday.

I:??? Then why didn’t you tell me?

She said: “I thought you knew it! Or why did you come back?”

I: “What did you mean that ‘why did you come back’?”

She said: “your grandma said that you had not come home for so long, so she thought you must be unhappy with her and did not want to see her. When I found you came back after she left, I thought you knew it!”

... How could I know it? I went back to see her!

I asked: “Where are they go travelling?”

She said: “They will go to the UK first, then they will travel all over Europe.”

What? UK?

My grandma hated England the most. Why the hell would she go to England?

Ten to one this matter must concern with my dad. If it hadn’t been related to him, I would do whatever he asked me to do!

I ran to his room, woke him up and asked: “why would my grandma and aunt travel to England?”

He looked half awake and said, “It’s a good time to travel there this season. It’s not too cold and too hot.”

I: “I mean she hates England so much. Why will she go there?”

He said, “Well, I advise her.”

I: “How?”

He said: “I have persuaded her to look at the world and accept the new culture, it’s not healthy always feeling that we are committing a crime. Don’t you say that she should get rid of the rigidity of thinking at her age? She’s my mom. What I have done is helping her.”

I grabbed him by the ear and dragged him up: “Wake up! Say it clearly!”

He opened his eyes and stared at me.

I said seriously: “We have decided that, I’ll go back and talk to her. If I can’t fix the situation, then you are up for a try. If it doesn’t work, we’ll go to convince her together. Why did you do that without me having a try? Do you treat me as a son, a child or your boyfriend?”

Listening to it, he smiled.

And he lay down when he was laughing.



Well, I admitted I was like a kid pretending to be an adult.

But was it that funny?

I was twenty years old, and I was a legit adult. When could he accept the fact that I was already an adult?

I looked at him, pulling a straight face. I would never be infected by his smile.

After a while, he sat up and corrected his attitude.

He said: “I am wrong. You are my boyfriend.”

Me: “where did you go wrong?”

He said, “I shouldn’t have convinced grandma for you.”

I: “What else?”

He said: “I used to help you make decisions and arrangements for you.”

I: “Will you do that again later on?”

He said, “No.”

I: “What about now?”

He said, “I’m sorry. You can punish me as a boyfriend.”

I: [smile][smile][smile]

Haha. Morning was indeed the best in the whole day.

No matter he was scum or an iceberg, he could be so cute in the morning.

This matter was ended that day. I did not make troubles out of nothing, I meant, argue a point to death.

After all, the reason why he did that was he didn’t want me to be scolded by my grandma. He did it for loving me.

So, for the sake of his good intentions and sincere attitude to admit his mistakes, I accepted his kindness.

The latest update was that my grandma posted a picture of a proud parade which she met on the street last night.

My father took the initiative to confess to me about this matter.

—The tourist route and itinerary were carefully designed by my dad for my grandma. Therefore, on the way, my grandma would meet many “new culture”.

When she came back from this long trip and then read my affectionate long letter, she would be certainly touched.

I had been living under the same roof with such a calculating person!

I had no choice but accept it.

That was what happened so far.

I didn’t know whether my grandma could accept the relationship between me and my dad in harmony or there would be no more ups and downs in life... However, according to the experience in the past decades or so, it should not turn us over even if there were still other things.

Life was still long. Live it abundantly.

Well, this post updated at a whim now would come to an end.

Farewell! [bye][bye]

The end.