Chapter 45: The End

Seeing flies coming for Yu Yi’s body, Sheng Youting remained indifferent. He just had people cleaned the bloodstain and went back to Ancheng.

Once arriving home, Sheng Youting took a shower and then went to bed together with Qibao, for she was reluctant to go to bed just with the accompany of servants. She dared not to fall asleep. Yet upon the appearance of Sheng Youting, she finally got eased, and slept sound in just one minute.

Next morning.

Hadn’t been waked up by Qibao, Sheng Youting became nervous finding Qibao was not in his arms.

Having just gone through the incident, though he thought it was impossible for it to happen again, Sheng Youting still couldn’t help being nervous. He stood up immediately, “Qibao?”


Maybe, Qibao was just playing hide and seek with him. After all, kids were always fond of theses childish things.

Suddenly, words came out from the bathroom. Sheng Youting got nervous as he came closer. It was Yu Lan’s low voice.

Yu Lan was smiling and bathing Qibao. And Qibao was playing with bubbles like the incident before had never happened. She acted like a spoiled child with her mom. Her eyes were like crescent moons. She seemed extremely happy. “Mommy, are you all right now? Qibao misses you so much. Daddy said you were sick. And Qibao can see only you after you get better.”

Seeing the bruises all over Qibao’s body, Yu Lan found it hard to breathe. Her heart ached a lot. She smiled to Qibao yet tears came out of her eyes without control. She nodded her head, “Mommy is sick now. Would Qibao dislike mommy because of it? Qibao, mommy feels so sorry for you. Are the bruises all beaten by mommy?”

Compunction and self-accusation came to Yu Lan. She knew she must be sick, but she never thought she would beat Qibao so hard! She could barely counted as a human!

She was a bastard!


However, Qibao looked at her naively. She even wiped away her tears and explained to her seriously in her childish voice, “Mommy, don’t cry. It’s not mommy who beats me but a monster in mommy’s look. Daddy has already beaten it away. There won’t be a monster beating Qibao anymore...”

Yu Lan lifted her head up. Her heart was about to break. She was sick and became a monster. She beat her child hard and made her body covered all over by bruises. Her little pretty precious Qibao should be beaten by her to this.

Yu Lan picked up the shower nozzle and washed off the bubbles on Qibao’s body, “Qibao, there won’t be monsters anymore. Do stay with daddy. Daddy can beat monsters. Daddy won’t let monsters beat Qibao...”

Sheng Youting came to the door of the bathroom and called “Lan”. Yu Lan turned around. She looked at Sheng Youting, crying soundlessly with teeth gnashed.

Seeing the Yu Lan before him, Sheng Youting couldn’t help holding her in his arms and explaining, “Qibao fell accidentally, I...I...”

Sheng Youting didn’t know what to do. He planned to wake Yu Lan up when Qibao got better. However, the sedative did harm to human’s body. He told the doctor to use less relatively, but it never came to him that Yu Lan should wake up in advance.


Yu Lan buried herself in Sheng Youting’s arms, crying silently. Sheng Youting immediately pressed the phone bell in the bathroom to call the servants in to get Qibao out for play.

Sheng Youting hugged Yu Lan tightly, “Lan, it has nothing to do with you!”

Yu Lan cried in a depressed way. She dared not to cry out loud to disturb Qibao. All she did was to grab Sheng Youting’s silk pajama tightly and let out the flood in her eyes, “How could I become such a bad person when I’m ill. Qibao said there was a monster beating her with my look. She is just a kid and is trying to find an excuse for me. She is my kid, and was once a part of me. How could I be such a cruel woman!”

“Youting, sent me to jail! Let the judge sentence me to death! I beg you! I’m not deserved to be the mom of Qibao! I’m a psycho! I can’t remember anything I’ve done when I’m ill. I took her out and beat her like a foe. If I’m not isolated, I don’t know what I would do to harm her next. Youting! Keep me away from Qibao! Don’t let me hurt her again!”

Sheng Youting kept comforting Yu Lan, “Lan, it was not you. It was Yu Yi. I had got even with her! No one would dare to harm Qibao later.”

Yu Lan couldn’t hear Sheng Youting. She was carried away and got more and more excited. She cried ever louder as time went by, seeming to cry her heart out. She kept heating her own head, “How could I be such a bad woman. To save her, I insisted and suffered from a two-day-one-night surgery. My blood was nearly totally newly transfused and I risked my whole life for her. I left the people who wanted to hurt me and I hated so much. I wanted to seek for revenge so badly, but I gave up, for what if my kid was unable to look at the world because of my revenge. I’m so scared and feared that she would be ended up like her brother, floating in formalin.”

Yu Lan screamed desperately and kept hitting Sheng Youting’s shoulder with her head, “She was the kid I suffered a lot to save. How could I bear to beat her. I want to kill myself for what I’ve done, Youting! I’m a bastard! Kill me, Youting! Kill me!”

Sheng Youting held Yu Lan’s hands tightly. He hugged her body tightly. He had her in his arms tightly.

So tightly that it was hard for him to breathe. It seemed that any breath could piece his heart through now.

He wasn’t able to think what Yu Lan had said twice. His heart broke...

How could he ever think the little girl who couldn’t even walk was actually two and a half years old.

How could he ever think that she was with a twin when she got pregnant. The miscarriage only took one baby away and the other one was saved at a huge cost. She had suffered from all those. Yet he didn’t know any of these.

Qibao was his daughter!

The Qibao who would touch his face repetitively to comfort him was his own daughter!

The destiny was so cruel to him. He had missed so much. The misery he had brought to Yu Lan was now doubled and fed back to him. Though without a scar, Sheng Youting did feel like being pieced by thousands of knives. It was a pain hard to suffer and he was aching everywhere.

He closed his eyes and all that presented before him was the Qibao looking at him with watery eyes and bruises around all of her little body. His poor Qibao...

“Lan! It was my fault. My fault! Lan, don’t forgive me. Don’t ever forgive me! Let me compensate you. Compensate Qibao. I would never be able to pay back not even until my death! All I could do is to give your all my remaining life!”

Sheng Youting hugged Yu Lan and buried his face in her back neck. His sob was mixed with that of Yu Lan’s. “Lan, thank you. Thank you for saving me a kid. With you and the kid, my life is full.”

Yu Lan gradually calmed down. Things were flashing across her head like a movie. She lifted her head and looked at Sheng Youting. Her eyes finally found a focus and all that in her eyes was a handsome man with once absent deep love.

Holding Yu Lan’s hands, Sheng Youting led her to the window and held her shoulders. He pointed to Qibao playing with a dog in the garden downstairs, “Lan, from now on, our family of three, would never be apart again.”

The woman beside him didn’t utter a word for long after his words until he felt the shivering shoulders in his hands and there came a sobbing sound of the woman, “Em!”