Chapter 1  : Back to The Past“Dr. Jiang, Dr. Jiang…”

Inside an office, a petite nurse began vigorously shaking a woman sleeping on the desk. The woman seemed to be in a deep slumber as she did not respond to the shaking.

“Dr. Jiang, hurry up and wake up!”

In fact, Jiang Tingxu’s consciousness had been awake for some time, but she could not open her eyes. It was as if something was preventing her from doing so.

The petite nurse seemed to be rather anxious. Jiang Tingxu tried her best to fully awaken her consciousness and she soon felt her entire body being shaken.


Did that nurse have to shake her as though she was a dice?


Jiang Tingxu finally opened her eyes:

“What is it now? Have the enemies invaded again?” her tone seemed quite irritated.

The little nurse paused.

“It’s more terrifying than an enemy invasion. Abbess Miejue1 from the Thoracic Surgery Department is looking for you. She wants you to go to her office immediately.”

Abbess Miejue?

Hold up…


Her initially lazy expression became formal suddenly and his gaze sharpened at that moment.

She quickly scanned her surroundings. ‘What? What is going on?

‘Am I dreaming?’

Jiang Tingxu hardly had any time to consider that question, as the little nurse had spoken out again.

“Please hurry, Dr. Jiang. Abbess Miejue hates it when people are late. Don’t wait until she shows up here!

“Ahem, there are patients outside, so I’ll go out first.”



Jiang Tingxu might have looked calm on the surface, but deep down, a turbulence was building up in her heart.

The scene before her was simultaneously familiar yet foreign. She felt some pain when she pinched herself on the thigh.

Did she travel back in time?

Back to 10 years ago?

About five minutes later, Jiang Tingxu was already in the elevator heading to the Thoracic Surgery Department. If one looked closely, one would notice that her eyes were filled with profound emotion.


It was the sound of the elevator door opening.

She had reached the Thoracic Surgery Department!


At that moment, Jiang Tingxu took a few deep breaths before lifting her feet and stepping out of the elevator. Her body began trembling uncontrollably and her eyes became blurry.

Someone then waved their palm in front of her eyes. “Little Jiang? Huh, what’s wrong?”

Jiang Tingxu looked up when she heard that sound. Once she had a clear look at the person in front of her, she nearly exclaimed out loud, “Professor?”

He was dressed in scrubs, had a smile on his face, and wore the same pair of black-framed glasses that he used for decades. That getup had long been a trademark of his.

“Are you that surprised to see me? If I remember correctly, didn’t we just meet yesterday? Or am I mistaken?”

‘Errr, no.’

Jiang Tingxu gulped. “Ah, you remembered correctly, Professor. I just thought of something else.”

The old man laughed again.

“Alright. You’re looking for Abbess Miejue?”


‘Professor, did you just call your last disciple Abbess Miejue behind her back?’

“Mm, yes.”

“Then you’d better not go in there. I just came out and Abbess is still angry at me. It’s like she ignores the fact that I’m her master. You might end up being roasted to a crisp if you go in.”

Jiang Tingxu’s heartbeat quickened slightly when she heard what the old professor said. Who told her to be so afraid of Aunt Wen since she was a child?

In hindsight, would there ever be a little kid who did not fear doctors?

It had undoubtedly cast a shadow over her psyche!

However, Jiang Tingxu was more than willing to bear the brunt of Aunt Wen’s anger if the latter really was going to chastise her. In fact, she was actually eager to go in and subject herself to the admonishment.

“You must be busy, Professor. Let’s talk again when we have the time. I’ll head in first.”

Jiang Tingxu’s tone sounded rather urgent, and she had already walked past the old man as soon as she completed her words. He could only watch on while his lips twitched.