Volume 1, Prologue  

How about a quick review.

The simplest example is the First Summoning Ceremony that of course refers to overwriting yourself.

For example, if your daydreams go too far, they can become an uncontrollable persecution complex, right? But if you could control that power, it could be turned into extraordinary ideas. If it became a company’s new project or an inventor’s new invention, it could bring in a massive fortune.

No, no. This does not apply only to mental activity. Athletes and military snipers have techniques to release their brain’s limiters with a war cry or by entering “the zone”.

In techniques dating back to BCE, people would become an animal by covering themselves in the animal’s fur or play the role of nonexistent people using special makeup or masks. But you must not look down on these methods by saying they only overwrite the contents of your mind and do not physically affect the outside world. They can sometimes produce a power great enough to do anything from elevate an individual’s social status to altering the history of superpowers.

By following set steps based in definite logic, these techniques can overwrite the contents of one’s mind with 100% accuracy. Even so, the term generally refers to the full methodology for achieving definite profit through those methods.


Hey☆ Thinking about it that way, doesn’t summoning seem surprisingly close to home? You start to understand why the VIPs of well-known corporations hire fake-sounding fortunetellers as advisors.

Now, then.

With that groundwork laid, I have a question for you.

Something on that small a level isn’t enough to satisfy you, is it?

Next is the Second Summoning Ceremony. By exciting one’s own mind into a state unexplainable by normal psychology, this methodology allows you to call forth a demon from a grimoire, hold concrete negotiations with the gods of legend, or otherwise control phenomena beyond the realm of human knowledge. By using a pentagram in a circle, a lotus wand, or the rose cross sigil, modern Western magic cabals did a lot to develop this methodology during the 19th century and the start of the 20th. And during the Cold War, the parapsychology of the Stargate Project and the former Soviet Union’s secret research could also qualify at least in part. Nwa ha ha ha ha!! It could be anything from rainmaking, assassinations, or even saving the world. These are the convenient summoning techniques that people in need think of.

And in 1999, the Third Summoning Ceremony was discovered beyond that.


To be honest, this is where things truly begin. Right, brother?


On occasion, even a single love can bring an end to the world.