Chapter 001 Evil Monarch Jun Xie

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Jun Xie suddenly woke up.

His right hand instinctively slapped the ground, intending to jump up even before his eyes were open. This was a dangerous place where life and death was but a hair’s breadth away. He must leave immediately!

This was the first thought that came to his mind upon waking up, a state of mind that has become part of his instincts as an excellent assassin.

As his body began to rise into the air, suddenly his arm felt weak and was no longer able to support the weight of his body. Peng! He fell back down to the ground.

Jun Xie fell into a state of extreme shock for a moment. What is going on? He then realized that his body was actually lying on a soft bed. Observing his surroundings, he found himself within a magnificently decorated room. However, with the exception of a set of square table, the room was empty. The only other item in the room was the giant bed that he fell onto. This giant bed was truly enormous as it could support at least seven or eight people on it without the feeling of being cramped for space.


What happened? Shouldn’t I be in the middle of an intense gunfight? How did I end up in bed? Jun Xie’s mind ran back to his memories before he went to bed, or more precisely ... the last memories he could recall in his past life.


Jun Xie was a killer by profession, a particularly outstanding gold ranked assassin. Ever since his debut 5 years ago, there was no place he could not infiltrate and his rate of success was a hundred per cent. It was something none of his predecessors could accomplish.

Thus, he became the number one assassin in the rankings list of assassins. At the same time, the name “Evil Monarch” rose to the first spot of the underworld’s top ranked experts. In addition, he also occupied the honourable number one spot for bounty offered for his head. Indeed, his bounty was number one amongst the world’s bounty ranking for a good 3 years.

That was not to say that no one was willing to take on this request; rather there was no one who was capable to taking it! No one possessesed the capacity to go toe to toe against this near legendary assassin, much less kill him.

Once an innumerable number of first-rate assassins daringly took on the job, but the only reward they obtained was death while the “Evil Monarch” lived.


A wealthy person from Country Y once offered a shocking reward of $100 million to buy the life of the “Evil Monarch”. The ones who accepted this task were two assassins who were equally infamous as “Evil Monarch”, the pinnacle existence of assassins... They died three days later.

Ever since then, no one was willing to take up the suicide mission. Even after the reward was increased numerous times, still no one was willing to step up.

No matter how wonderful money may be, what was the point if you are dead? Only the living can get to enjoy money after all. The name “Evil Monarch” on the other hand became a taboo amongst the underworld’s bounty list.

The name “Evil Monarch” became a symbol of fear for the underworld figures in each country. There may be many who knew of the existence of this “Evil Monarch”, but none who knew the appearance of this King of Assassins. What kind of person is he or she? What kind of character is this “Evil Monarch”?

Jun Xie’s character is true to his name. To sum it in one word: Evil! Two words: Bloody evil!! Three words: God damned evil!!!

[TL: Jun Xie’s title of “Evil Monarch Jun Xie” is literally “xié jūn jūn xié” in chinese pinyin. “Xié” means evil/ heretical/ demonical while “jūn” means monarch/ ruler/ lord.]


He would always act alone, unwilling to work together with anyone. Needless to say, he has no friends. When accepting missions, he would be extremely fussy not only towards his clients but also towards the target!

Should a client he found detestable offer him an enormous reward to kill a defenceless beggar, he would reject without any hesitation whatsoever. However, when he saw someone who deserved to die, he will voluntarily step up to assassinate said person. After which he will go find the said person’s enemies and request remuneration from them. No was not an option! These hapless folks were often people with no history of hiring him; some have never even heard of him before...

It was said... He once killed a human trafficker, but was unable to find any victims party. Seeing no other solutions, he switched his target towards a little girl who was abducted and extorted a dime from her. A dime! He passionately stated: I will never have any part in a business without any rewards; absolutely no exceptions will be made...

His character and way of conduct leaves his master and division members who understood him speechless...

It was said... He once cleared away the toilet papers in a toilet before his master went in to defecate. After the deed was done, the master realized the problem at hand and requested his aid to bring toilet papers. He took this opportunity to extort $500 thousand in labour fees from his own master. His master... gave in.

As for the reason...

That day, he called up all of his division’s senior sisters to the toilet entrance and even invited several beauties to join in.

However, he fervently believed that his biggest weakness was that he was too much of a loving person. Considering his identity as a pinnacle level assassin with blood soaked hands, this statement made countless people puke.

His claim was not exactly baseless.

When within his home country, he detested seeing the rich oppress the poor, especially the officials’ oppressive behaviour towards the common people. When in foreign countries, he detested seeing his own people oppressed! His “patriotic” character has stirred no small number of frightful disasters.

Even with such a character, many clients would still rush to line up for his services. Reason? He possessed superior marksmanship, eyesight and immeasurable martial arts prowess. His cultivation in both fistfights and sword fights are exceptional. However, the biggest reason remains that his rate of success is one hundred per cent! This achievement was truly unprecedented!

He was the ultimate assassin in the assassin realm!

He was also the only one amongst the peak level assassins with an unblemished record!

However, this gold ranked assassin was fundamentally a typical hot-headed youth!

His last mission was another “volunteer” job; he heard that Country M’s secret organization secretly unearthed a priceless treasure from the Kunlun Mountains of Country Z. They then secretly smuggled the treasure home before Country Z found out about it. As befitting a hot-headed youth, Jun Xie exploded in fury!

In these peaceful times, how can a national treasure be allowed to fall into the hands of foreign Country M?!

Jun Xie singlehandedly massacred his way towards the treasure, proudly facing off against nearly one hundred secret service agents of Country M. He employed sneak attacks, traps and his combat skills to kill over seventy agents before finally laying hands on the treasure. At that moment, the secret service agents’ courage had been shattered to pieces. If Jun Xie wished to, he could easily waltz out of there. Of that matter, Jun Xie had absolute confidence!

However, the moment his hands went in contact with the treasure – a palm sized exquisite pagoda, an unexpected supernatural incident occurred. At that critical moment, his entire body became paralysed. Forget trying to move his body, he could not even blink! He did not notice the blood from one of his wounds gushing into the small pagoda; the delicate, exquisite and heretical looking small pagoda...

His last memories were that of no less than fifty pieces of mini grenades flying straight towards him, accompanied by over twenty firearms shooting at him. While he still has the skill and strength to wipe out these men in one fell swoop, he could only watch in sorrow, as his body would not move anymore.

This feeling was truly infuriating!

I never imagined that I would actually fall today in such an absurd manner. Nonetheless, I’ve lived a good life! Those corrupt officials, local tyrants and bullies that have died by my hands number at least over a thousand! My life was worth it!

Others would smile as they enter the Nine Springs, while I smile as I enter the depths of Hell!

I have had a spectacular and grand life! I have no regrets!

Although I killed many people, they are all scum who deserved it! If it is just, why fear anything? Even if this act would drag me down to Hell, so what?!

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Exterminate the dirty scums! Clean up every criminal! Even if the world is to condemn me as a murderer, so what?!

In this world, is there any other who can live as I did? What a delightfully unrestrained life!

“Ha ha ha ......” at his point, Jun Xie couldn’t help but let out a loud laughter.


“Young Master, you... are you all right?” a timid voice came out from beside him, seemingly terrified by his actions. The voice holds a hint of someone who’s about to cry. A cold little hand was placed onto his forehead.

Young Master? This is not a dream? This is not Hell either? Jun Xie awakened, promptly opening his eyes. Then suddenly a set of unfamiliar memories rushed up from his heart! Memories and information then surged into his mind. Jun Xie felt as though he was struck by lightning!

He was now inside someone else’s body? Or did he already reincarnated? But how could he still vividly remember his past life? Could it be I did not drink Old Lady Meng’s soup? Or did I actually end up in someone else’s body?

[TL: Old Lady Meng’s soup is the soup you drink before you get to reincarnate so that you forget about your past life.]

Did I transmigrate to another body?

Or is this a bodily rebirth?

Jun Xie stared coldly for a long time without any movement, and yet he still could not understand head or tails of what happened.

When the little hand was moving about before his eyes, Jun Xie suddenly laughed madly: “Son of a bitch! Good deeds really do fetch a good reward! For me to survive, I would never have expected such a good thing to happen. It appears that the great me must have accumulated no small merits in my past life, perhaps even immeasurable amounts of merits? Waha ha ha... “

Hearing his sudden shouts, the roughly ten-year-old girl beside him trembled in fear and ran to hide in a corner. Her big pretty eyes blinked in confusion and fear as she stared at the nightmarish “young master” and her body quaked. Her face was pale, looking almost similar to a frightened quail.

Another scream suddenly resounded, this scream sounded wretched but it was shouted by Jun Xie himself. This was because his voice was found to be of a high pitch, akin to a girl’s. Could it be? That part of me is gone?! Nooo!!! Ignoring the fact that there was a little girl right in front of him, Jun Xie’s immediate reaction was to grab his crotch.

When he finally found that familiar “part” of his body, Jun Xie breathed a sigh of relief. Heavens truly did not mistreat me, I can still have children.

That really scared me though; I thought I transmigrated into a girl’s body... Jun Xie wiped away the cold sweat.

After a while, the Jun Xie began to inspect his new body.

Stagnant meridians, atrophied muscles, joint stiffness...

What kind of person is this? His body is too fragile! Truly a crappy one!

Jun Xie secretly whispered, but it does not matter. As long as the meridians are not destroyed, three to seven years is all it will take for the great me to stand at the top again!

After making up his mind, Jun Xie realized something. He was currently in a completely different world!

No matter how he looked at it, this does not seem like the Earth he was familiar with! He was currently alone in this world; he neither understand anything nor does he know anything! What were the rules of this world? What was this world?

After putting all these factors into consideration, even a cold-blooded assassin of Jun Xie’s calibre could not help but feel frustrated.

Observing the antique looking furnishing and bedding and the clothes on his body that was completely different from those from his time, his joy of not dying began to subside. In its place, a feeling of confusion welled up...

It seems like its true... I’ve been granted a second chance...

This should have been a very exciting prospect for anyone, but a sudden feeling of innumerable loss and pain welled up from within his heart. It was a subtle feeling with no antecedent, causing his nose to feel sour, his eyes to turn watery, his heart to suffocate; Jun Xie’s mouth turned into a self-deprecating one as he began crying for the first time in his life.

Giving up on my homeland and planet is hard! I thought I could be free and easy. Originally I thought I could easily let it go, that was my belief at my last moments. And yet when everything became real, I suddenly found that I can not let go, I really can not let go!

I originally thought that I had not a care in the world, but now I suddenly realized that the things I care about are so numerous I can barely count them!

The most important part is that in this strange land, I cannot find my own sense of belonging! A sense of belonging ......

My soul has always been an outsider ......

Jun Xie closed his eyes as he gently inclined his head to the side. When no one could see, a tear silently fell down...

This was the first tear of a man from two worlds!

Do not belittle men who cries, everyone has a time where they have to endure sadness!


Staring into the bronze mirror, he saw a young and somewhat childish looking face, his face appeared slightly thin with thin lips, long eyebrows slanting upwards towards the temple and a set of fine eyes gave off a sharp feeling. Jun Xie laughed bitterly and mumbled: “I have to say, this kid’s got some good looks, quite the handsome one, but he looks a bit too much of a flower boy, and his voice is too much like a sissy’s.”

Recalling his past life, his appearance was simply impressive and full of killing vigour! Even though his look was not exactly the popular type, his eyes were a bit small, a bit thin, his nose was also a point lower. While his overall appearance seems rather average, at least he was a standard male! Even though there are some real men amongst these flower boys, he personally looks down on them. How could he have expected, he would end up transmigrating into the body of a flower boy? Not to mention this was quite the handsome flower boy...

“Are you the one who brought me over, mate?” His right hand gently stroked his left wrist where a very small pagoda pattern was visible. The pagoda pattern looked similar to a tattoo. On Jun Xie’s face was etched a trace of pride; even when I’ve ended up transmigrating I still managed to keep this item safe instead of letting it fall into the hands of foreigners!

The pagoda-shaped pattern was none other than the exquisite pagoda that Jun Xie traded his life for. Even though it has transformed into a small tattoo on his hand, Jun Xie can confidently say that this was the pagoda in question! He was unable to explain how he knew of this, only that his heart was telling him so, a real and yet mysterious feeling.

Seeing the one thing that brings him a sense of comfort, stemming from his past life, Jun Xie’s mind rolled about in turmoil. He was unable to ascertain what kind of feeling is this. Even so, he maintained a calm and collected disposition, not showing anything on his face.

It was still an indifferent atmosphere! Quiet!

While he was gently stroking the small tower pattern, it suddenly emitted a burst of foggy yellow light causing Jun Xie to feel lightheaded. He sensed that something seemed to have entered his mind, following which the pattern on his hand disappeared...

“Strange!” Shaking his head, Jun Xie felt amazed. This toy really was strange, it started as a small palm-sized tower, transforming into a tattoo on his hand, and then it miraculously disappeared. Could this stuff actually a legendary treasure?

“Young Master, the Old Master is asking for you.” Just as Jun Xie was about to investigate what it was he sensed in his mind earlier, a voice suddenly came out.

“Asking for me?” Jun Xie raised his eyebrows: “Why?” What qualifications does this old geezer have to command me to go meet him? Does he think I’m his grandson or something?! Before he could utter those words, he swallowed them. Thinking about it, that old geezer really was his grandfather, or at least his current body’s grandfather...

“This... I do not know.” The little girl looked at him with a terrified expression before lowering her head, her long eyelashes blinked in panic. Her legs are positioned one before the other, her body slightly tilted, she looked as if she was ready to make a run for it.

[TL: Jun Xie’s title of Evil Monarch came from “邪君” or “xié jūn”. Here, i translated “xié” as “Evil” and “jūn” as “Monarch”. However, in Chinese, “xié” can also mean “heretical” or “demonical”. As some of you may have noticed, Jun Xie is not evil, nope, he is simply evil, heretical and demonical all rolled up into one! As for why i chose Evil Monarch instead of Heretical Monarch for the novel title... would you say that a person who cleared away all the toilet paper in the toilet that his master was using and then extorts $500 thousand from his own master is not evil? That’s god damned f**king EVIL!]