Chapter 425   - Wedding

"Long Xun.... you, why did you do that? My son was there. Why did you do that? Answer me!" Su Yanyan yelled as soon as she saw him.

"Su Yanyan, calm down. Listen to me - "

"NO!" Su Yanyan screamed pushing Long Xun away. "I don't want to listen to you. I want my son. I want my son right now. Bring me, my son. Give me my son. Long Xun, my son..... my wen wen.... he died in that fire..... Long Xun, what will I do now?" she cried out.

"Su Yanyan...."

"My wenwen is gone. I could not fulfill my promise. I failed to protect him. I am such a bad mother. Long Xun, what will I do now? I cannot live without my wenwen. Ah..... my son... " She cried hysterically. "If my wenwen is not with me then I don't want to - SHUT UP, SU YANYAN. YOUR SON IS ALIVE."

Su Yanyan: "..."


Hearing Long Xun's screams, Su Yanyan blinked her tear-filled eyes. She didn't speak anymore, crying silently as she glanced at Long Xun with big crystal-like tears falling down her cheeks. Seeing her whimpering silently, Long Xun sighed. He wiped her tears away and he caressed her face. "Your son is fine. Nothing happened to him," he said.

Su Yanyan looked at him with a sight of hope. "Really? Where is he? Where is wenwen? Is he injured? Is he alright?" she asked.

"Wait, I'll bring him." Long Xun said and he left the ward.

Su Yanyan looked at the door with great anticipation. Her child, her son, her wenwen was alive. She was so happy. When she woke up in the hospital, she was blank for a moment. Seconds later, she remembered Feng Xi's dead body, and then she remembered Long Xun struck her neck to make her lose consciousness. The first thing that came to her mind after waking up was her son. But knowing that he was fine, she was happy. She was so excited to see her son. She knew that it must be Long Xun who must have saved him from Feng Xi's clutches.

A little later, Long Xun reentered the ward with a baby in his arms. Seeing him, Su Yanyan wanted to rush up to take him in her arms but one single gaze from him was enough to stop her from getting down from the bed. "Here, you son," he said giving the baby in her arms.

Once the baby was in Su Yanyan's arm, she cried. Hugging and kissing him all over, she couldn't stop crying. Long Xun sat next to her, without saying anything he let her have her moment. He simply chose to pat her back, comforting her, showing her through his actions that he will always be with her.


"Long Xun, thank you so much." Su Yanyan smiled. "And, I am sorry for everything that I have done to you. I know that I don't your forgiveness but if you can then please forgive me." she apologized sincerely.

"Yanyan, I never regretted the time that I have spent with you. And I don't hate you for what you have done because I know that you were forced against your will. You don't have to ask for my forgiveness."

"But - "

"Look, I am not that good with words so I'll be very straightforward when I say this, "Long Xun said. "Su Yanyan, I love you and I want to be with you and with wenwen. I don't care about what happened in my past or yours but from now on, I want to create a future with you."

"Long Xun, I - "

"I know you don't love me yet, Su Yanyan. But I do and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I know that we are properly married but I want to give you a big wedding. There is no pressure over you. I don't want you to accept my proposal or our relationship because of any kind of guilt or any other reason. I want you to accept me because you love me. I want you to give our relationship a try and if I can't make a little space for me in your heart, then I won't stop you from leaving." Long Xun said.


"Su Yanyan, think properly before you answer me." Long Xun said. "Will you marry me?"


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Zhang Zhehan got down from his car and he walked over to the other side to open the door for his wife. "Slowly, " he said as helped Lin Xiaolu to get down from the car. Several guards surrounded them to ensure their safety. Many reporters were taking pictures of him as he helped his wife to alight from the car. Today, Zhang Zhehan wore a black suit and Lin Xiaolu wore a simple pink gown, flaunting her baby bump as they posed for several pictures.

Several elite guests were invited to this occasion and they also posed infront of the cameras. This occasion was one the biggest occasion in the city and the talk of every netizen. After that hospital night, many revelations came infront of the netizens.

. Lin Xiaolu and Zhang Zhehan are married.

. Lin Xiaolu is pregnant with a great CEO's child.

. The destroyed and vanished Long Xun clan is back in the city.

.The heir of the Long clan, Long Xun was going to get married.

All of this was too much for the netizens to take. At first, they didn't believe in any kind of news because it was just too unbelievable for them but soon they accepted the news happily and they gave their blessings to both the couples and the unborn child.

And today was that day. Today was Long Xun's marriage. One of the most beautiful and the most expensive halls were booked for this wedding. Zhang Zhehan and Lin Xiaolu entered the venue carefully.

"Are you tired? Do you need water, juice, or something?" Zhang Zhehan asked for the nth time.

"Zhang Zhehan, " Lin Xiaolu glared at him with an irritated expression on her face. "I have only walked a few steps. I won't get tired of that. And for God's sake, let me enjoy the wedding. Did you forget your promise?" she asked.

"Weird pregnancy moods!" Zhang Zhehan rolled his eyes.

"Did you say something?" Lin Xiaolu narrowed her eyes at him.

"No, I didn't — I mean, I said, I remember my promise." Zhang Zhehan smiled as he took out his handkerchief and he started wiping the invisible sweat on Lin Xiaolu's that only he could see.

"Zhehan, stop. What are you doing? You are ruining my whole makeup." Lin Xiaolu yelled. An annoyed expression marched over her face and she glared at Zhang Zhehan very angrily.

Seeing her temper going up and up, Zhang Zhehan realized that he had done it again. Pinching his nose in embarrassment, he quickly apologized, "I am sorry, baby. Calm down. Please, calm down. Being angry in this period is not good for your health as well as the baby's.."


"Baby, take a deep breath. Take a deep breath. Ignore me. Treat me as if I air, a mad person talking gibberish." Zhang Zhehan said.

Since the day Zhang Zhehan told her that she was pregnant, he was acting like this. In the first three months, he didn't let him do that or this. He was treating her like a porcelain doll and he would always be around her, asking her if she needed this or that and he would nag her like an old grandmother. Lin Xiaolu was frustrated and at some time she was helpless because seeing the love, happiness, and concern on his face, shs couldn't say anything to him.

"Shut up, " Lin Xiaolu rolled her eyes and she started walking up to their destined seats with Zhang Zhehan following behind her like her tail. Zhang Zhehan's parents, her parents, Tang Jun's parents were seated beside them along with Hu Yutian and Ming Yu.

Long Xun was already standing on the mini-stage with the priest. A few minutes later, every guest was settled down and wedding music was being played. One by one all the groomsmen entered with the bridesmaid. The groomsmen for the wedding were Tang Jun, Lin Junfeng, and Gao Yifeng(Lin Xiaolu's brother) and the bridesmaids were Yang Mi, Lin Junfeng's secretary Hou Li and Zhang Ziyi.

A few seconds later, the bridal song started to play and Su Yanyan came in through the door holding Long Yixuan's arms. She looked like the most beautiful bride as she walking down one aisle. After reaching the end of the aisle, Long Xun's father gave her hand in Long Xun's hand and the wedding ceremony started.

"Do you Mr.Long Xun take Miss.Su Yanyan as your wedded wife in sickness and in health, in rich and in poor, for better or for worse?" the priest asked.

"I do, " Long Xun smiled.

"Do you Miss Su Yanyan take Mr. Long Xun as you wedded husband in sickness and in health, in rich and in poor, for better or for worse?" the priest asked.

"I do, " Su Yanyan answered with a smile.

"Henceforth, I declare that Mr.Long Xun and Miss Su Yanyan are husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Long Xun quickly pulled Su Yanyan into a beautiful long kiss. Everybody clapped and congratulated the couple.

Zhang Zhehan looked at the couple on stage and then he glanced at his wife who was leaning on his shoulder. "Xiaolu, why didn't you let me give you a big wedding?" he asked.

"Because, I don't want to..." she answered with a smile. She was happy that finally, everything was well and Long Xun has found his happiness as well.

"But I wanted to give you a big wedding. I wanted the whole world to see our wedding and — "

"Zhehan, I don't want a big wedding. Our love, our marriage is unique and I want it to remain just the way it is," she explained. "One day, when our baby grows up, we will tell our child about our beautiful secret marriage."

"Okay." Zhang Zhehan smiled. Placing his hand on her stomach, he kissed her forehead. "I love you, Xiaolu. Thank you for coming into my life."

Lin Xiaolu smiled. "I love you too."