Prologue: ID information Loaded  

Translator: McTavish

Editor: Araeh

Mankind was terribly defeated. It was awful and so natural as if it was supposed to be like that from the start.

The dimensional invaders were strong, many, vicious, and cruel. The first gate opened in Merva, the home of mankind. For the first time in 500 years after the Great World War, they faced just a disaster and downfall.

Merva’s remaining humans crawled into the underground bunkers, just waiting in silence for the death to come to them. To them, the word hope was unacceptable, profane, and humiliating.

Klang! Klang! Klang!


Despite that, why is he knocking on the ground?

In a world where no hope is left, why does he try to create something new?

One of the last blacksmiths on the planet Merva, though he was puzzled by it himself, held his hammer without ever stopping his hand.

Klang! Klang! Klang!

Five years ago, when he was 50 years old, he was lucky to escape the moving monsters under the command of the invaders and enter an underground bunker with a lot of preserved food.

There was a blacksmith in the bunker and nothing else to do except to wait for death while forgetting about the food.


When I made a weapon, I knew there were no warriors to hold them and fight against the invaders. It was a method of escaping the eventual death.

“With this, it is complete.”

For the second time today, I made an unworkable piece. Even when I was just living with a long sword that I owed to myself.

[Sucess in making a masterpiece that will remain in history! Achieved the conditions for connecting to Hero Universe.]

[Welcome, New User! Please name your ID!]

A miracle came to him that he could not dare to call it hope.



The blacksmith was astonished when he saw the words written in the translucent window in front of him.

I heard it faintly. Those who are capable of blowing fire from their hands or wearing swords as their weapons are capable of contacting a mysterious system that the general public cannot see.

But it appeared to him without an ability? How so? When I thought about it, a new text was recorded in the window as if it has read my thoughts.

Hero Universe is a system at the top of the Gaia system! Martial arts, magic, other superpowers, and production, it’s a space-class community where access is only given to those with the greatest potential in the universe in the field!

“I am the best in the universe? I’m trapped in this unsightly place while forging and making a sword …?”

Yes. You are the hope of a new blacksmith in the universe. It is a blessing in the universe to have a blacksmith who deals with spiritual power like you, as countless other worlds forget about the art of the soul and cling to artifacts that utilize magic.

The blacksmith could not understand anything about Lee’s identity. Spirituality? He was just knocking on a lump because he had nothing else to do.

[Spirit power is the power to understand the source of the soul and deal with it. It is by no means the power given by anyone. You deserve to be proud. So, go ahead and create an ID.]

“Oh, ID.”

Do you want to id ‘Aidirani’?

“No! Now, wait a minute. Who are you? So… would ID mean something like an identification card? “

[I am the system message of Hero Universe. You can also call me an Administrator. You can think of ID as a name to represent you in the Hero Universe.]

“Huh, it represents me. Few people have survived in this world.”

The world he lives in is just a speck of dust in a myriad of universes. The Hero Universe has heroes of all its choice in the myriad universes.

The situation was so chaotic I still couldn’t understand anything. Finally, I wondered if I was going crazy and hallucinating.

Moreover, even if this phenomenon is real, it would not have any effect on the future of mankind that was scheduled to be destroyed.

But, nevertheless.

“Anvil… Anvil is good.”

[Do you want to use the ID “Anvil”?]


If nothing changes, so what. The blacksmith had been fleeing since the start and the new “Hero Universe” in front of him was exactly what he wanted.

Anvil, Welcome to the Hero Universe. In the midst of numerous interactions with heroes, I hope your soul shines more brightly. You’ll get 100HP (Hero Point) as your first login bonus! Collect more HP and buy information and goods through community activities!

“I am also pleased.”

[10HP as a bonus to you who is kind to the Administrator! You’ve had some social life!]

“Ha ha ha ha ha.”

The blacksmith found a new refuge and the refuge welcomed him with open arms. The blacksmith was immersed in a refuge that would make him forget the reality of hell for a moment.

Twenty years later, the blacksmith became a celebrity in the Hero Universe.


– Janus: Anvil Grandpa, Anvil Grandpa.

– Anvil: What’s going on?

The blacksmith, “Anvil” was whispering to a friend who had come to know him through the Hero Universe. Whispering was a messaging feature that allowed you to send and receive messages with people registered as friends in the Hero Universe.

– Anvil: So, what kind of sword do you want?

– Janus: Tell me if you can make it.

– Anvil: I’m taking a rest for now, so I won’t be making it right away.

– Janus: Shinsal sword. Any kind is fine, but if you’re a king, you use a long sword. [1]

– Anvil: go away.

When I first connected to Hero Universe 20 years ago.

I registered a weapon on the bulletin board, one of Hero Universe’s systems, and a lot of people were interested in his weapons. The system was right about his talents.

– Janus: Don’t do that and make one.

How do I make something which I can’t make? I told him to go away.

When he arrived there, he sold the weapon without any hesitation, and in return, he was able to acquire HP.

This was surprisingly amazing. The food in the bunker would have only lasted for two to three years but if you had HP then you could buy groceries that others put on the billboard.

So, he was able to survive in the bunker much longer than he thought.

– Janus: I have the method. Do you think I’m going to let you go without you making one? It’s just like swimming in the ground and making a sword out of the dirt.

Not only that. Countless heroes of the world who were curious about Anvil, who could create weapons with spiritual power. They wanted to talk with him and wanted to be friends. Anvil, of course, did not refuse them.

– Janus: I’ll send you the ingredients! If you make it, the rewards will be really astounding!

– Anvil: I have an overflowing amount of money.

– Janus: I know that! Please!

– Anvil: I can’t guarantee I can make it.

– Janus: Wow, thank you Anvil! I love you! I really love you!

– Anvil: Wait quietly.

– Janus: Okay! I’ll just sit here until the sword is done!

– Anvil: … Still, eat your food.

Actually, this was not the first time. In the beginning, there were not many metallurgical materials in the underground bunker, and the quality was not so good. Other members of Hero Universe who grasped his situation at once, sent materials from other worlds, and asked him to build the weapons they wanted.

Using the materials of the other worlds to create something was completely new, extremely stimulating, and fun for Anvil. He did not refuse the requests, and those who were satisfied with the finished products gave him a large amount of remuneration (HP) which he did not ask for.

It was his first request to make a weapon that could kill God anyway.

Is this fate, too? In the end, you’ll get a huge commission.

[Janus sent a gift. Do you want to check?]

– Anvil: Oh, thank you as always.

[10HP bonus from the Administrator who is impressed by your kind and friendly words.]

“You’re kind every time.”

His relationship with the Administrator, who only revealed his presence in the message every time, was very good.

Now, it wasn’t for the 10 HP. Anvil wasn’t respectful to the Administrator in the first place. He was just grateful to the Administrator who led me to Hero Universe.

“Huh. It’s the ingredients of a new sword, and it’s full of things I haven’t seen in my life. Janus, what is he really doing?”

[Janus is a man who has the talent to play in the Hero universe. He was lead to the Hero Universe because his world became uninhabited.]

The Administrator replied to Anvil’s words. Even so, the mentions about Janus on the board increase every day, each one like a bluff more ridiculous than the last. He ripped through a typhoon, prevented a volcano from erupting and killed a dragon or bear…..,

[It’s all true.]

“Huh, I want to see his face once.”

[You can if you increase your membership level. It’s clear you will become a VIP with this delivery. You are the only one who will reach that membership level in 20 years.]

“… Glory.”

It’s probably because he’s active on the Trading board and earns a lot of HP but he wasn’t very happy being a VIP. Maybe… Surely I will die before I become a VIP.

In fact, he was feeling death slowly approached him these days. He had a feeling he wouldn’t last long.

[You can purchase the elixir sold on the bulletin board. You will be young again. As long as you invest all of the collected HP, you can live for as long as you want.]

“Thank you for your concern, Administrator. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to live like that.”


The Administrator was silent. Probably reading the Anvil’s feelings.

… Ok. Although the escape was longer than he expected, Anvil had no intention of escaping from his impending death. Now he was exhausted.

[Aren’t you enjoying Hero Universe?]

After a moment of silence, such a message came to his eyes again. Anvil shook his head with a smile.

“It’s fun. It’s so much fun. I’m going to forget that I’m living in a destroyed world. That’s why it’s a problem.”


If he did not feel responsible for this abandoned world then it will be a lie. If his talent had bloomed a little earlier, he would have had no regrets. He felt guilty when he made a mistake.

Even if he used the elixir and got his youth back then moved to another world with the power of Hero Universe. His life would be enjoyable but at the same time, it would be an unforgivable escape for Anvil.

It was enough. He wanted to stay with this world.

[If thats what you want then I will respect you.]

“Thank you for everything.”

[10HP bonus from the Administrator who is impressed by your gentleness and moved to tears.]

“Hahahaha, you always give me a bonus.”

But as the Anvil smiled and he whispers flew from his youngest friend headed to him.

-Eunah’s: Grandpa, Grandpa.

-Anvil: Yes? What’s going on, Eunah.

-Eunah: Actually, I am now 7 years old!

The first genius in history to have access to the Hero Universe and recognized for his genius at a young age of only five. His talent is certainly brilliant, but the child is so young that everyone treats her carefully.

– Anvil: What is it? My Eunah is already seven years old. Then this grandpa should give a wonderful gift.

– Eunah: Really? Really? Will you make something?

– Anvil: Sure, of course.

She may be a child living in another world with her family. The only thing that Anvil knows about her is the gender and the name which he assumes to be real.

However, when Anvil was talking with this child, his little daughter, who left a long time ago, couldn’t be remembered.

– Eunah’s: I’m very excited, I must boast that my grandfather made it to my friends!

– Anvil: You can’t talk about Hero Universe, you know?

– Eunah: Wroong! I’m going to say my favorite piece in the world has been created!

– Anvil: Huh, what a girl.

The Anvil was pouring out great affection on the child without his knowledge, and the child also loved and followed Anvil. One of the most disappointing things about this world is probably that he will be unable to see this child again.

‘Naughty, she’s not your daughter.’

Shortly thereafter, Anvil took over. I’m willing to accept death and am going to embrace it.

But it worked out rather well. Let’s make a birthday present for Eunah. Give your whole heart and let yourself go. That would be right.

“Where is it? Yes, I can take it apart.”

After checking Janus’s recipe, Anvil removed the glittering yellow gemstone from his sack of ingredients and even purchased additional things from the trading board.

– Anvil: Wait a minute, Eunah.

– Eunah: I’ll be a good girl!

– Anvil: Oh, good.

That’s how Anvil set off.

There were two works: Janus’ Sword and Eunah’s hairpin.

– Janus: Grandpa! Quickly!

– Anvil: Noisy, didn’t I tell you to wait quietly? Oh, and there are some gems that you gave me, so I took them and used them for something else.

– Janus: What!? It’s not actually a gem but it’s really precious, but who’ll you give it to?

The process of working was not boring at all. As always, when he’s pounding the iron on the Anvil, his friends who have come to know him through the Hero Universe have been whispering.

– Anvil: I’ll give it to Eunah.

– Janus: Ah, Eunah … Do you need anything else?

– Anvil: That’s enough.

He was half-naked, regularly knocking down the iron, breathing with it. He didn’t care about anything else except to respond to the whispers he received.

– Halo: Anvil is inspired?

– Halo. It’s been a long time.

– Halo: Request, is it possible? I need shackles to hold a giant.

– Anvil: I’m sorry. I’m holding onto something now.

– Halo: …Then I’ll ask you next time. I need inspiration.

Perhaps this will be the last task, and it’s hard to listen to another friend’s request. Anvil was sorry, but he didn’t wish to tell the story of his own death. It was unpleasant to tell a friend about his death.

– Tsukuyo: Anvil, I heard that you’re not too far away from the VIP status. It’s been a thousand years since I’ve had a day off. I want to see you a little sooner.

– Why do you want to see this the old man’s face?

– Tsukuyo: Your soul is so bright and brilliant, who dares to call you old!

– Anvil: Huh, such a peculiar one.

Looking back, I have made a lot of bonds in the past 20 years. Among them, there were pleasant relationships, a somewhat unpleasant relationship, and a strange relationship that was difficult to explain.

But all of them remained as pleasant memories to Anvil. I just hope they don’t get too sad when I disappear.

– Eunah: Grandpa, Grandpa it’s my birthday today! I’ve been a really good kid for a while! I’ve been a really, really good kid!

– Anvil: Oh, I don’t know but at the end of the day, I would have made all of your gifts.

– Eunah: Wow! I love you, Grandpa!

– Anvil: I love you; I love you a lot. I’ll send you a present now.

How much time has passed… Thank heavens, the work was done before it was too late…

The sword was made of a black metal with a yellow gem immbedded in the hilt.

The hairpin was beautifully finished with a yellow gem in the center of a silver cross.

It was an achievement that could be called the masterpiece of his life.

“It’s ok. Then send the gift. Uh-huh!!”

After a successful work, The Anvil sent two items as gifts to the owners. Strangely, exactly at that time, all the power that remained in his body was lost.

No, it would be a more accurate expression to say his body had endured until the work was finished.

You, do you think so?

“Administrator… Will you be with me until the last minute? Thank you.”

[…10HP, bonus.]

What would HP mean when he was dead, but Anvil laughed at it. His mind became a little more relaxed.

“In the meantime, I enjoyed it. Thank you.”

[The same is true for me.]

The time has come. His whole body was exhausted, and his eyes closed. Feeling the lack of consciousness, Anvil still looked at the message left by the Administrator.

At the last moment, a new message seemed to rise, but he could not read it.

[VIP level. My room function opens, login bonus function opens. ID information is engraved on the soul.]

[We look forward to the day we will meet again in a new place.]


Eighteen years later, the world is different from Merva.

Kang Shin-hyuk, a freshman at the Superhuman Training School in South Korea, that 17-year-old boy, accessed Hero Universe.

[Checking ID. Existing ID exists. Connecting to the Hero Universe with ID [Anvil]. VIP members are welcomed to reconnect!]

[You are logged in from another world! Get 10,000HP as a login bonus for another world! First achievement, 10,000 HP added!]

[Loading ID information. Be prepared to be shocked!]

“… I beg your pardon? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ”

It was the resurrection of the ID Anvil.

Translator and Editor Notes:

and let there be a new novel also this took me like 2 – 3 hours to translate all this ~ McTavish

[1] This may be a reference to the Japanese shinai i think.