Chapter 850 – Perfect Moon

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

July 30, 3108. A hot midday on earth.

It has been 8 years since the Mystic Moon world was released.

Mystic Moon has become a part of people’s lives, and it could not be replaced. Ling Tian City was still a city of legends to players, and even though Ling Tian City’s spiritual figures had not appeared in many years, under Yun Meng Xin’s leadership, the Fairy Clan, the Dwarf Clan, Yun Feng, Qiu Xuan Feng, and the 3 Heavenly Kings were still able to shake the world. Any decision they made could change the status quo in the Mystic Moon world.

years later, many massive changes also happened on earth. Humans had abandoned all energy sources that created pollution, and under the Li family’s guidance, the whole world entered an age of renewable energy that did not create any pollution. In every part of the world, renewable energy was the standard imposed by the government. This resulted in the air pollution, the electromagnetic pollution, the water pollution, and the noise pollution to be greatly reduced every day, causing Earth to become more and more beautiful. Everyone’s lives also became more and more convenient.


The Li family had changed and saved the world... this was something that the public agreed on.

However, they did not know that the truth was that the one who had truly saved the world was a cute girl who looked around 10 years old.

Su Hang City, a relatively suburban area.

Because it was quite remote, there were not many people living here. Occasionally, one would be able to see a solar car slowly driving past.

Today, on this not-so-eyecatching street, a dazzling couple were walking together.

The man looked like he was in his early twenties, and he was wearing a cap with sunglasses. He had a tall and straight stature and had an extraordinary aura. The young girls who passed him couldn’t help but feel their hearts race. However, when they saw the woman by his side, they immediately lowered their heads, feeling incredibly inferior, and they quickly left.


The woman was wearing a purple dress and was only a bit shorter than the man. She had no makeup on, but her face was as beautiful as that of a goddess’s, and it was to the point that anyone who saw her would feel suffocated. Whenever she looked around, she naturally gave off an extremely seductive aura. It was as if just a single look from her could steal someone’s soul. Her body was so enticing that even succubi would look on with envy, and no matter how one looked at her, her curves were simply breathtaking.

When men walked by her, they stopped in their tracks, staring dumbly. Only when she left their vision did they slowly come back to their senses. However, none of them dared to chase after her because she was so beautiful that they felt too inferior, and they did not dare to show any disrespect.

“I told you to wear a sunhat, but you just had to refuse. It’s only been 3 streets, but 28 cars have been rear-ended, and 61 people have had their souls stolen. If this was a busy street, things would be even worse," Ling Chen mumbled as he put his arms behind his head.

Qi Yue smiled and said in a soft voice, “Hubby, if you keep teasing me, I won’t be good anymore.”

Ling Chen felt his body weaken, and his footsteps became quite unnatural.

“Where are you taking me?”


“We’re already here.”

The 2 of them stopped walking. Ling Chen looked up and said in surprise, “An orphanage? Why are we here?”

“You’ll know when we go in. There’s a surprise inside.” Qi Yue grabbed Ling Chen’s arm and dragged him in.

“Hi, are you Aunty Liu? We’re Li Xiao Xue’s friends; she should have called you about 10 minutes ago.”

The person addressed by Qi Yue as ‘Aunty Liu’ was the director of the orphanage. She was called Liu Qing. She was 50 or so years old and had a kind-looking face. 10 minutes ago, she had indeed received a call from Li Xiao Xue, telling her that there would soon be 2 people going over. She had mentioned that they would be a handsome man wearing sunglasses and a super-beauty.

After experiencing those shocking events from 7 years ago, Li Xiao Xue knew of the existence of gods, and she understood that karma and reincarnation were real. After the Li family financial group became the number 1 power in the world, she had spent a lot of financial resources on charitable activities, and orphanages were one of the things she focused on. Currently, there were countless orphanages all over the world run by the Li family. All of these orphanages were created and run by the Li family.

As the director of this orphanage, Liu Qing had always been very cautious and conscientious. Even though she was Li Xiao Xue’s senior, Li Xiao Xue controlled the economy of the entire world, so she still viewed her with the utmost respect and did not even dare to wish to see Li Xiao Xue. However, today, she had personally called, making Liu Qing feel so excited that she thought she was dreaming. After hanging up, she had hurriedly gone to the door to wait. Anyone who Li Xiao Xue would personally call for was definitely an incredibly important person.

After seeing Ling Chen and Qi Yue... putting aside Ling Chen, just by looking at Qi Yue, Liu Qing fully understood what Li Xiao Xue meant by ‘super-beauty’. She was so beautiful that even Liu Qing, a 50-year-old woman, felt completely stunned when looking at her, and it took her a while to recover.

“Aunty Liu?”

It was not until Qi Yue spoke again that Liu Qing seemed to wake up from her stupor. She looked incredibly embarrassed as she said in a panicked manner, “Good afternoon, respected guests. Please... Please enter.”

Liu Qing was quite experienced and quickly recovered from her awkwardness. “Just then, Miss Li indeed called to let me know about you coming. We only have ordinary snacks here, so if you’re not happy with our-“

“No need.” Qi Yue smiled as she shook her head. “Just take us to see the children.”

“Oh... alright. The children just had lunch and have returned to their own rooms. It’s nearly time for their afternoon naps, so they shouldn’t be asleep yet. If you like a child and they agree, you can take them away immediately; I’ll take care of the paperwork. Please come with me,” Liu Qing said respectfully.

“Take them... away?” Ling Chen looked at Qi Yue in surprise. “Don’t tell me you came here... to adopt a child? What’s going on?”

Qi Yue glanced at him but did not say anything. They followed behind Liu Qing and went to where the orphans were living.

Even though the Li family financial group’s orphanages were not luxurious, they were not simple either. All of the children had their own rooms, and they were not simply placed in the same room together.

Window after window, they started to see the children’s faces. Just like Liu Qing said, it was nearly time for their afternoon naps, so most of them were not asleep yet. The majority of them were playing with their toys. Some were 8 or 9 years old, while others were less than 1 year old. Some of them had been abandoned by their parents because they had some sort of disease, others had left their families, and some of their parents were both dead...

The orphanage could not be these poor children’s homes forever. The best place for them was a home with a father and mother. Occasionally, some people would come to take the children here away... of course, the directors were rigorously trained and managed by Li Xiao Xue, who would check up after a week.

Today, Li Xiao Xue called Liu Qing and told her that these 2 people would choose a child to adopt.

After passing room after room, Qi Xing still did stop, and Ling Chen could only trail behind her, feeling utterly confused.

After walking to the room on the third row in the corner, Qi Yue finally stopped. She turned and looked at the child within.

Within the room was a little girl with piggy tails, wearing a light-yellow princess dress. She looked around 4 or 5 years old and looked as cute as a doll. Her eyes sparkled like the stars in the sky.

Hearing the sounds from outside, she looked over. However, she was different from the other children because she gave off a faint sense of loneliness, and there was a sense of stubbornness in her eyes that did not match her age.

Seeing this little girl, Qi Yue gave an enchanting smile. She said to Liu Qing, “Aunty Liu, can we take this girl away?”

“Of course, as long as she agrees.” Liu Qing hesitated before telling them, “She’s the prettiest child we have here, and she experienced calamity when she was young. She has no one to rely on, so she was brought here a year ago. Those who come here to adopt children always set their eyes on her. However, her personality is quite antisocial, and she’s quite stubborn. Let alone go with anyone, she doesn’t even let anyone come near her. To date, at least 40 or 50 families have tried to adopt her, but she has refused every time. Ai...”

Essentially, what she meant was: the likelihood of her willing to go with you... is very, very small.

Qi Yue did not mind at all. She opened the door and entered, walking over to the little girl. She gently looked at her, and the little girl widened her eyes, staring back at her. After a while, Qi Yue smiled, saying in a soft voice, “Little sister, what’s your name? How old are you?”

“I...” The little girl hesitated before replying in a clear voice, “My name is Xiao Xing Xing, and I’m 4 years old.” [TLN: ‘Xiao Xing Xing’ means ‘little star’].

“Xiao Xing Xing? What a cute name. It’s just as cute as you.” Qi Yue bent down, bringing her face closer to the girl’s. “Then do you want to go home with big sister? Big sister has a very pretty home, and there are lots of yummy food and pretty toys.”

Ling Chen: “......”

Liu Qing thought that the girl would turn her head away as usual. However, unexpectedly, Xiao Xing Xing blinked before vigorously nodding. “Mhmm!”

“Good girl!” Qi Yue gently stroked the girls’ hair before stretching out her arms and carefully picking her up. “Alright, let’s go home with big sister then... Aunty Liu, we’ll have to trouble you with the paperwork.”

“Ah... okay!”

Seeing the girl, who refused to even be near anyone, rest on Qi Yue’s shoulder as she was carried away, Liu Qing felt completely dumbfounded: what a goddess-like person. Even Xiao Xing Xing can’t resist such charm.

“...Do you... really want to adopt a child? Do you want to be a mum?” Ling Chen asked after continuously looking at the girl in Qi Yue’s embrace, feeling at a loss. He was not prepared for this at all.

“Be a mum? I’m not in a rush.” Qi Yue sweetly smiled. “Didn’t you hear me tell her to call me big sister? She’ll call you big brother soon as well.”

“Then what are you...”

“Hubby, didn’t you always want to raise a loli?”

“... You’re joking, right?”

“Of course I’m serious. When she’s 16 years old, she can warm the bed for you. After she’s a bit older, there’ll be a big surprise, hehe.”

As Qi Yue mysteriously laughed, they slowly vanished at the end of the street. A full moon hung in the distant sky, but it was completely covered by the sun’s intense rays... this was the moon that Ling Chen had created 3 years ago after stepping into the realm of gods... a perfect moon.