Chapter 968 King of Pantheon The End

The grand spectacle of the God Wars ended...

To many players, it was no surprise that Li Yi became a god.

What was surprising was that Li Yi became the Ruler of God, not just any regular god.

...What was the Ruler of God?

It was an existence that could use all Authority Powers and could affect the game’s balance all on their own.

Hmm, to put it simply, he was equivalent to a GM or game manager.


As Li Yi went on an Ascension spree, making all his friends into gods, he received a reminder from the Pantheon developers, asking him to watch out for the game’s balance. Otherwise, when the new power systems were implemented, the Ruler of God’s powers would be reduced.

Li Yi only stopped making others into gods when he received the warning. After The Mountain mentioned something, he added Scumbag Wang to their ranks in the end as well.

They had earned a huge monetary reward and a mountain of accolades, so Fire Ice had to busy herself from dawn to dusk, handling the merchants and companies who wanted to work with Li Yi.

Li Yi earned another reward for becoming Ruler of God too, and this one truly came as a surprise.

The Pantheon developers promised to give Li Yi an island in real life as a reward for winning the God Wars, along with an astronomical sum.

Both sides had signed a contract, so once the paperwork was done, Li Yi could move into the island.


He then had to accept advertising deals, spokesmanship deals, and deals for public appearances...

Li Yi spent the next month settling all of these matters, such that he had no time to play the game at all.

That did not matter, though. His level and equipment would never drop because he was now the Ruler of God. That meant he could adjust his level and equipment at will...

With Li Yi’s help, Brother Windcloud Nine became the Emperor of the Continent again, and Sister Windcloud Nine kept sending them good news. Brother Windcloud Nine’s condition was improving, and he could even move his limbs slightly now. The doctor said that he would wake up soon.

Chen Yang was still king, and all in all, he was much luckier than he had been in the previous life. He constantly had a host of gruesome-looking Orc chicks around him, and while everyone mocked him in the game, he was the object of much envy in reality.

It was simple, really. While the Orc chicks were ugly in the game, they were all sexy beauties with great bodies in reality.


Li Yi’s girls did not spend much time in the game lately either, not because they were no longer interested, but because they had to accompany Li Yi on his errands. They did not have the time to play.

Just like that, the Ruler of God and his women took a hiatus from the game. Someone even asked Li Yi in an interview if he was preparing to retire for the game, and Li Yi responded decisively that he would never leave the King of Pantheon game.

He had had enough of being a powerhouse, but he had just started his life as a GM. There was much more to explore, so why would he retire?

“I shall always protect this world, for the justice of this game!” Those were Li Yi’s bold words in the interview.

His quote then became a catchphrase for King of Pantheon’s marketing strategy, spreading far and wide among the gamers. However, there were also those who felt that Li Yi’s words sounded too fake.

“It must be because of the girls in the game...”

“I’ve seen through that Perverted Wing since forever ago. He logged in a few days ago and just kept staring at my wife’s chest.”

“My daughter’s only nine, and...”

“F*ck, no way, right?”

“Let me finish! My daughter’s only nine, and she already likes him. F*ck, I’m super worried about the future...”

All sorts of rumors flew about, and when they reached Li Yi, he was utterly exasperated.

Two months later, Li Yi finally sorted out everything else. He announced that he would not accept any other performance deals for now, because his island was finally done processing.

The island was overseas. According to the Pantheon developers, the island was sunny all year round, with plenty of sunlight, beaches, a mansion, and most importantly, absolute privacy. Aside from the inhabitants, no one else was allowed to land here.

Just as Li Yi was preparing to log into the game with all of his girls on the island, he received an invitation.

The invitation was not signed, and all it had was a large, messy scrawl that said, “To Duck Win.”

Li Yi looked at it for a long time before he could be sure it was meant for him. Duck Win, Dark Wing... It should be from an in-game friend.

When he opened the letter and read its contents, Li Yi was stunned.

It was a wedding invitation from Scumbag Wang. The writing inside was a chicken scratch that almost physically hurt the eyes, as expected of Scumbag Wang.

“I’m getn marrid, my braid’s Huahua. 7 Sept, Qwin’s Hotel. I’m super accited, super super accited...” (TN: Yes, those terrible misspellings are done on purpose)

As soon as Li Yi put down the letter, Fire Ice approached him with the phone. It was a call from Hua Feihua.

Li Yi took the call.

“My wedding with Lil Wang is on the 7th of September. Can you come?”

“You’re marrying Scumbag Wang? I never expected that...”

“Haha, I was the one who proposed to him. I know better now. You see, it doesn’t matter which guy I play with, but when it comes to looking for a life partner, I gotta find someone who loves me.”

“Alright, I’ll be there.”


It was only when Li Yi logged into the game that he realized Scumbag Wang and Hua Feihua’s marriage had caused a huge commotion inside the game as well.

Many players taunted Scumbag Wang on the World Channel for taking on a used rag, and only the stubborn retards from the Huashan Sect argued back for their Leader Scum’s pride while they hunted monsters for cash.

On the 7th of September, at the Queen’s Hotel, Li Yi and his women arrived as promised.

The interior of the Queen’s Hotel was bright and gaudy. It was the largest resort and entertainment center in Southern City, awarded the full five stars. Only the rich and powerful, the upper echelons of society, could organize banquets here.

As for this particular wedding banquet, it was fully funded by Hua Feihua. Scumbag Wang did not have to pay a single cent.

There were many guests today. The ones who came from King of Pantheon alone numbered to more than ten thousand.

Most of the people in the crowd were here to laugh at Scumbag Wang. They did not mind paying the red packet as an entrance fee to the show.

However, when they saw how extravagant the banquet was, the ones who were here to jeer found themselves lost for words.

When they looked at their own cheap clothing, they suddenly realized that Scumbag Wang was the real winner at life here.

Although Hua Feihua was a used rag, it had to be said that she was still a rich little heiress...

At the wedding, Scumbag Wang led Hua Feihua out, both dressed in their formal best. The woman was gorgeous and sexy, the man was ugly and scummy, forming a stark contrast.

The wedding ceremony was over in a flash. Hua Feihua shed tears of happiness, and Scumbag Wang never once let go of her hand as he toasted the guests excitedly.

The leader of Huashan, The Mountain, attended as well. He sat with Li Yi and they chatted happily about the game.

Milk Dipper Solitary was here too, with Pink Girl in his arms. He was perfectly blissful too.

In the final stages of the wedding, an unshaved young man with a gaunt expression and empty eyes walked to the podium and stole the host’s microphone. “Where is spring? Where is spring...?”

The young man sang at the top of his lungs, stunning all the attendees present.

“Isn’t that Young Master Yang? It’s Yang Xingchen!”

“Huh? How’d he end up like that?”

“I hear it’s cuz he went bankrupt and fell into deep debt. It was all too much for him, and he lost his mind.”


Amidst the guests’ hushed chatter, the hotel security rushed forth and pressed Yang Xingchen to the ground, dragging him out.

Aside from that, there was another little interval when the guests were toasting to the couple. A guild leader who had slept with Hua Feihua before walked up to her and clinked glasses with her mutely, toasting to her.

“I’ll remember that night for life. I wish you all the happiness in life!”

After that, another three thousand odd men stood up in waves, raising their glasses and toasting to Hua Feihua.


After Scumbag Wang’s wedding, Li Yi led his girls onto a private jet and flew back to the private island that was his new home.

Jiaojiao, Qian’er, Fire Ice, Little Elf from the Magical Realm, Xu Man, and Xu Yue were all wearing pure white wedding dresses, chattering about stuff that Li Yi did not care about as they sat together, stuff like jewels, clothes, and make-up.

“Lil Yi’zi, are you sure you got all your girls here?”

When the jet was about to land on the island, Jiaojiao hugged Li Yi’s neck and asked.

Li Yi counted off his fingers. “I think I got half.”

Jiaojiao pummeled him with her little fists. “Imma hit hit hit you...”

The jet descended and arrived at Li Yi’s private island.

According to the Pantheon officials’ introduction, this island was complete with an electrical and water supply, as well as plenty of entertainment facilities. Living here felt like living in heaven.

When the jet landed on the beach, the women saw the sunlight, the beaches, and the seawater. They immediately ran off squealing, leaving Li Yi alone where he stood.

Just as the women were wading into the sea, a motorboat approached them from the distance.

Jiaojiao yelled, “Lil Yi’zi, isn’t this a private island? Why is there someone in the sea?”


The boat drove up to the girls and made a perfect spin, splashing seawater all over their wedding dresses.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

An obedient-looking girl waved at them as she alighted from the boat.

“Lil Xue? Imma squeeze your boobs till they pop!”

Qian’er recognized the boat rider and screamed as she rushed at her.

However, she did not actually grab her boobs. Instead, she hugged the girl and spun twice, joyfully.

The woman who had driven a boat over was none other than Li Yi’s first girlfriend from his past life, Xiao Xue.

“I was traveling the world after graduating, and then I received a call from... him, so I ended up staying at this island.”

Xiao Xue pointed at Li Yi shyly.

“I’ll show you around. This island was constructed based on the Water World in the game. Have you guys seen Water World? Come with me, I’ll show you how this place is different from Water World.”

Xiao Xue introduced the place as she led the girls away, treating Li Yi like he did not exist again.

Li Yi sighed helplessly and raised his head to see a wooden cabin in the middle of the island, surrounded by trees. He instantly burst out laughing.

The wooden cabin was not very big, and even from afar, he could see the two large words written on it— Love Hotel!

However, Li Yi’s smile did not last long before it was frozen on his face, because he then saw a woman with a small figure wearing red sunglasses appear at the entrance to the wooden cabin.

“F*ck your daddy, what took you so f*cking long? I’ve been waiting for f*cking forever.”

As soon as he heard that booming voice, Li Yi’s face fell.

“Lil Yi’zi, come have a look! Look at what we caught.”

Behind him, Jiaojiao and the others yelled at him.


Li Yi jogged over to them.

On the beach by the sea, Qian’er cupped some seawater in her hands, and a little goldfish was swimming in the water merrily...


(The End)