Volume 1, Prologue  

Soft spring sunlight entered the room through the gaps in the curtain.

It was a certain April's Sunday.

The way I woke up in the morning was the worst possible.

I couldn't move or roll over during the night.

On top of the king-size bed I was sleeping on, surrounding me were sleeping girls.

First, clinging to my left and right legs respectively, were two middle school students.


One of the two who were clinging to my legs used me as a hugging pillow, her long black hair scattered carelessly on the white sheets like Indian ink1.

The other one was sleeping in reverse while facing away from me and rubbed her face on my leg from the inner side. Although she had long arms and legs like that of a model, surprisingly she curled up and looked like a small animal as she slept.

Continuing, a high school girl with semi-long hair clung to my right arm. I had no idea what was she thinking, she held my arm in a reverse armbar immobilizing it. Her hold was so strong it seemed like my arm would break. If I moved my arm carelessly I definitely wouldn't avoid an injury.

On the other side, my left arm side, in close contact with me was a middle school student with short hair, she was turned with her back to me.

For some reason my hand was reaching over her shoulder and settled on her chest.

It was a modest and soft feeling, her breast snugly fit the palm of my hand. I gently pulled away my hand from her chest.


I swear I wasn't the one who placed my hand there.

And on the pillow in between my legs was an elementary school child who was in sixth grade, she was sleeping soundly.

There was no place to move... seriously, give me a break.

All of these girls are my... little sisters.

Only one of them can be chosen.

And the one to choose, is no one else but me.


Notes and References

. ↑ Simple black ink commonly used for drawing comics