Because Juliana was playing a game, a dress-up game!

It was mainly the clothes she matches for the game characters, which was called a hot eye, a bright red with a big green, a shiny crystal shoe on her feet, and then a pair of striped stockings.

The game characters were two ponytails, innocent baby faces and fox eyes.

In this way, when you look at this character, you just felt weird.

Benson widened his eyes, "Are you a game idiot?"

Game idiot?

Her own clothes had always been very beautiful, and they were mainly simple and generous.


Benson didn't expect that she could match the weird clothes to this extent by playing dressing games.

The main reason was that Juliana was so serious just now.

Juliana didn't look up at Benson at all. She just put on a green hat for the game character and said, "This is the rule of the game."

Benson wanted to say something, but when he saw that Juliana clicked, the system actually showed customs clearance.

Benson, …

Benson couldn't help but ask Juliana, "Which fool company is this to design such a game?"


Juliana looked up at Benson, "A company under the name of Leach Group, and this game is very popular. Those clothes I just wore were so expensive."

Benson, …

His own company.

Juliana looked at Benson's colorful expression and immediately smiled.

Benson also staggered the topic and didn't mention the document just now. Of course, he also pressed the fact that Juliana was very similar to Miranda in his heart.

Benson asked her, "Where do we go to eat in the evening and what do you want to eat?"


Juliana stood up, "It's boring to eat outside every day. Go home and eat. I'll cook for you."

When Benson heard that it was Juliana cooking, his face changed, "Let's eat outside."

He didn't want to taste her hard cooking again!

Juliana looked at him, "No, just eat at home, I will cook for you!"

Benson, "Then go home and I'll cook for you. What do you want to eat?"

Juliana, "You have been working all day, and you have worked hard. Just go home and wait to eat."

Benson looked at her with deep affection, "I want to spoil you when I marry you home, not to let you cook. I will come, I will cook for you all my life."

Juliana looked up at Benson, "Did I make it bad? I have never cooked for anyone before."

Benson was afraid that she would be angry and shook her head again and again. Finally, she could only say, "Then you do it, I will wait to eat, don't be too complicated, just the following one."

Now Juliana was happy. She just wanted to cook something for him.

But it's a little late. Juliana was going to make tomato and egg noodles.

On the way home, Benson routinely bought a bunch of flowers for Juliana.

Juliana was used to a bunch of flowers every day. If there was no one, she would not be used to it.

Benson ate noodles cooked by Juliana herself tonight, red tomato soup, a loving fried egg and green onions.

Looking at it was very appetizing, which made people have a big appetite.

Benson looked at the fried eggs with love, which made him exciting. He took a photo with his mobile phone and sent it on Instagram.

Well, it would definitely taste good this time.

However …

After one bite, Benson's face changed, but he still crustily skin of head to eat it. Under the eyes of Juliana's expectation, he ate all of them.

He really couldn't compliment Juliana's cooking skills.