So, while Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan had traveled across 120 counties and cities, the remaining dozens of counties and cities that had not been set foot in had been rescued by the survivors.

To be more precise, it was cleared out abruptly by the survivors who were chasing the zombies.

It took another few months to thoroughly sort out the situation in the country. When Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan came to their senses, a year and a half had passed since the end of the world. Zombie threat.

Zombies have changed from the original life and death enemies to "little monsters" who need to fight for "exploding treasure chests". Many people with supernatural powers form a team and run around chasing the zombies.

The surviving Anguo people have all registered in the city lord's mansions in various places and become urban residents of Xinghu City. They are supervised by ID cards and no one dares to commit crimes. Law-abiding, serious life.

With the joint efforts of [Institute] and all surviving researchers, scientific and technological research in all directions has made great progress.

With the recovery of communication and network, various new means of transportation that are not afraid of lush plants have been developed, and various factories built and maintained by humans are everywhere. Most importantly, a variety of new soils and new crop seeds have been obtained in experimental fields. In order to succeed, it is planning to promote it to the whole country.


After all, there are fewer and fewer zombies around, and researchers are already preparing for the "post-apocalyptic era" in which energy beads will disappear completely.

So that one day the zombies will be completely wiped out, and the energy beads will no longer be obtained, and the human beings who have lost the support of Star Lake City can continue to survive.

It is rumored that in order to harvest energy beads, some supernatural beings have already formed a team and marched towards the country bordering on the land of Anguo. Since the mobs in their own country are too tight to grab, they will go to other countries to grab them.

Most ordinary people who live peacefully in Xinghu City, their own county, are not so strong. The biggest expectation every day is the release of new research results by the [Research Institute].

In general, the civilization that restarted after the disaster was alive and thriving.

After more than a year, Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan, who were free, finally returned to Xinghu City in Mian'an County, back to their room, and after a year and a half of hard work, they lay down on the familiar bed in complete relaxation. I had a good night's sleep on my bed.


At this moment, they had a dream, which revealed the real truth.

It turned out that the novel they dreamed about on the day of the end of the world a year and a half ago was fake, but real.

The situation is that the Blue Star civilization has entered a development dilemma, and the civilization is facing extinction.

As the saying goes, the Dao is fifty, and the sky is fourty-nine. Although the disaster of civilization is inevitable, the way of heaven still leaves a glimmer of life for human beings, and this glimmer of life is the chosen one.

There are seven countries in Blue Star. At the beginning of the end of the world, Heavenly Dao selected two people from each country as the chosen ones, and bestowed them with the best gold fingers, hoping that they can lead mankind to successfully pass the test of annihilation.

In order for these fourteen people with high psychic abilities to play their roles to the greatest extent, Tiandao used the most acceptable method for each of them to inform them of some necessary information in advance, which was for the apocalypse.


In the dreams of some chosen ones, the apocalypse was a "divine prophecy", while in the dreams of Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan, according to popular novels popular in Anguo at that time, the apocalypse they obtained was a "plot".

In other words, on the first day of the last days, the plot of the novel that Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan saw in their dreams was actually "fabricated" by Heavenly Dao.

In fact, the world they live in is real, not a novel, and they have not experienced those tragic plots.

Of course, the information about the end of the world in the novel is true, which Tiandao wants them to know in advance, and the plot involving other characters is deduced by Tiandao according to the personalities of those characters.

Today, the situation in Anguo has basically been controlled and stabilized, so the two Chosen Ones of Anguo, Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan, are qualified to know the truth of the world.

Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan who woke up from this dream suddenly realized, no wonder the captions they saw clearly started with "I", but in the end "I" always became a cannon fodder supporting role, and ended up miserable. Because when Tiandao "fabricated" the plot for them, it deduced it according to their worst path, and the purpose was to raise their vigilance to the highest level and live as long as possible in the apocalypse.

The consequence of being too extreme is that it will inevitably make them feel "I can't be that stupid", and then refuse to admit that they are the person with the same name and surname in the novel.

"Tsk tsk tsk, no wonder, I always thought that I couldn't be so stupid. I didn't know people clearly and fell in love with my brain, and finally ruined my own life. Sure enough, it's all fake! Hehehe..."

Song Xingcheng was so excited when he recovered, he hugged He Qianshan's shoulder and dangled. The two dreamed of two novels. In terms of personal emotional plot, Song Xingcheng's is different. In the novel, he is deeply infatuated with another

one person.

This really gave him a shocking thunderstorm. To this day, He Qianshan would still say a few words to him when he occasionally got awkward. Song Xingcheng was bloodied by the "plot" arranged by Tiandao for him. Song Xingcheng was naturally extremely excited when he was wronged.

A smile flashed across He Qianshan's eyes, but his expression did not soften, and he retorted confidently: "This is not certain, the plot arranged by Tiandao is still reasonable, if I didn't show up, maybe you would still sell yourself Count money for others."

Song Xingcheng refused to accept any rebuttals, and simply bit He Qianshan's lips, refusing to listen to his beeps.

After obsessing for a long time, the two began to deal with business. Another impact of knowing the truth of the world is that Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan began to set their sights on the entire Blue Star.

According to the enlightenment of heaven, this is a disaster for the whole planet and all civilizations. Now Anguo can barely survive, but the situation of other countries is still uncertain. If other countries fail, Anguo will have to face the pressure from the whole world .

So, Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan, who were just about to start the vacation mode, found that they seemed to have to keep running.

Fortunately, the situation in Anguo has stabilized, and the overall order is on the right track.

People from all walks of life come out on the basis of their true abilities. Researchers are the most respected profession in the whole society. The progress of various projects in the research institute receives the greatest attention every day. In terms of government affairs, an absolute meritocracy model is adopted, and those who ascend to high positions are those who have gone through many tests and have been recognized by the residents.

Seeing all kinds of remarks on the restored Internet that contained expectations for future life, Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan felt much more at ease. The country has been settled, and they can rest assured to embark on a greater journey.

So, after resting in Mian'an County for a week, the two of them took twenty superhumans who had experienced two breakthroughs, and drove the research institute's latest laboratory product [Maglev Speed ​​Vehicle] to fly from a distance of 100 meters to 100 meters from the ground. At a height of 1,000 meters, at a speed of 1,000 kilometers per hour, it flew towards the territory of other countries.

After all, it is not their own country. Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan's rescue is not so meticulous. They search for human gathering places everywhere, and every time they find a human gathering place, they will set up a system city, leave some barracks, and then directly search for the next place. A human settlement.

In just over two months, the two led teams to more than 300 cities in six other countries, leaving behind more than 300 Xinghu cities to shelter tens of millions of survivors.

The system cities all over the world allow them to grasp the global situation, and the two

Complete peace of mind, with the assistance of Star Lake City, it should only be a matter of time before humans completely defeat the zombies.

As for the issue of mutated animals and plants, the reality is that most of the area on Blue Star is actually occupied by mutated animals and plants. They will attack weak humans, but when humans gather together, the mutated animals and plants will Silently avoiding, the three-way well water does not violate the river water.

In fact, the Blue Star has always belonged not only to humans, but also to other animals and plants growing on it, and it will probably be the same in the future. Humans, animals and plants will continue to coexist. Unlike before the end of the world, there are individuals with exceptional strength among the three parties.

During the two-month world tour, the most interesting thing was probably that Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan discovered the whereabouts of the chosen ones, which really opened their eyes.

There is a chosen person whose ability is to fly. He can use energy beads to buy different types of wings, and gain special flying abilities such as speed, height, and hovering.

It has to be said that this ability is especially excellent in self-protection. From the beginning of the end of the world, this person has started the "flying" experience of flying into the sky when he encounters danger, and helping others to fly when he sees danger. The rescued survivors sincerely identified him as a kind "angel" who gathered around him.

The Chosen One's wings allow him to fly over zombie-infested areas, find food and living supplies, and support those gathered around him.

His ability can actually give wings to other people, but he is stingy in giving them away. He calls himself an "archangel" and only gives wings to the eleven most favored by him, collectively known as the "twelve angels".

There is also a chosen person whose ability is probably parkour. In various complex building groups and terrain environments, he can run fast at angles and methods that violate gravity. If he is walking on flat ground, his speed and agility far exceed the speed ability. Or, the biggest difference is that a speed user can't run like him on a glass curtain wall of a tall building vertical to the ground.

The abilities of these two Chosen Ones cannot be said to be weak, but they are too focused on personal strength. They have gathered a group of survivors around them, but they have not even completely resolved their respective cities.

Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan also discovered a Chosen One with background music. Every time she fights, she will play loud background music. Within the range covered by her BGM, her own abilities will be enhanced. The enemy's ability will be weakened, it can be said that no one can defeat her in her BGM.

Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan found only a few Chosen Ones, and they did not find any

All the 12 chosen ones except them suspected that even if there was an apocalypse, some of the chosen ones would have died.

After careful consideration, the abilities of Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan are actually not particularly strong. In Song Xingcheng's system city, all the buildings on the life side were unlocked in the early stage. If he did not have enough self-protection ability and strength, he would have no The method is to gather enough energy beads to promote urban development and upgrading.

He Qianshan's ability is to collect guns and weapons, which is indeed very powerful in terms of combat effectiveness, but all his guns and weapons must be picked up by himself, which is time-consuming and laborious. If Song Xingcheng's city does not provide sufficient living supplies, he will There is probably no way to develop the team wholeheartedly, pick up weapons and strengthen the team.

Therefore, the abilities of both of them have their own limitations, but their luck is that the two of them met, and they trusted each other and cooperated sincerely.

He Qianshan provided Song Xingcheng with powerful combat power, quickly obtained a large number of energy beads, and supported the rapid upgrade of Song Xingcheng's system city. In the early days, he could upgrade to a level every two days. The rapid advancement of the system city unlocked the security bureau and barracks , Let Song Xingcheng's system city take shape.

In the later stage, he assisted Song Xingcheng in all aspects to push the system city to level 10, lifted the restrictions on building construction quotas, and fully utilized the powerful late stage advantages of the system city.

In turn, Song Xingcheng provided He Qianshan with a solid backing and solved basic logistical problems such as food, clothing, housing, etc. Without any worries, the Xinghu team could move forward without any scruples.

"We are two swords combined, invincible in the world!"

Song Xingcheng said with a smile, her tone was very sure, she tilted her head and leaned on He Qianshan's shoulder.

The two were sitting on the maglev speed car, looking at the images collected on the screen, which were the battle images of the chosen one with his own BGM.

Naturally, their battles are not as cool as other people's battles. Even if they fight against each other in person, they may suffer losses if they don't know the effect of the opponent's BGM.

But why should they match up? After hovering at high altitude and watching the excitement, you can withdraw directly, and you can return to Mian'an County in three hours, and you can still make dinner in time.

He Qianshan stretched out his arms to hug his lover, kissed Song Xingcheng's head, and affirmed with a smile: "You are right, the greatest luck in my life is to meet you, we are together, is the true love whole."

Song Xingcheng smiled when she heard the words, and the two looked at each other, with love flowing in their eyes, both of which were bright stars.



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