Chapter 1 Unknown World

In a dark room, a bloodied boy with a large cut on his chest was lying on the ground.

After a few moments, the boy's chest started to heave up and down, these involuntary movements indicated his current state.

The boy opened his eyes, stood up, and looked around him with hazy eyes.

'Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?' The boy looked stupidly at his surroundings with apparent confusion.

There are no signs of modern gadgets inside, and the items inside look antique.

Thud! Thud! Thud!


'Did I travel to the past!?' ' He bit his lips to calm down the rising turbulence in his heart. His arms trembled and his heart started to pound crazily.

His name was Fein Rizal, and he's a Filipino college student from the 21st century when various novels and films were published daily.

He kept himself from panicking as he tried to analyze the situation. Now, he had a hazy idea of what had occurred as a certified man of culture.

He examined his body in the mirror. He had an average face, hair that slightly covered his eyes like those emos in the 90s in his previous life, and he didn't look particularly attractive, but he wasn't really ugly either.

Fein looked at his body... There was a large cut that was healing at a rapid pace that could make anyone who saw this pee on their pants. He was so shocked by the situation that he felt a chill crawl up his back.

He skimmed the room again, this time more carefully, so as not to miss any details that might give him a hint as to what was going on... Then, beside the table, there was a blood-splattered knife.


'Hmm, is that blood mine? 'Well, I'm the only one in here, plus the cut on my chest,'Fein started to deduce what happened from the clues in the room.

'Did the original owner of this body took his own life? But why? Or someone killed him? And my name is f*cking Fein Bonifacio!?'

Fein has a habit of thinking, which he thinks was a good thing because he didn't know whether he had traveled back in time or simply transmigrated to another world due to lack of information. 'But first, let me clean up the mess and remove any evidence that might lead people to learn about my situation.' Fein can't inform anyone that he had taken a person's body. He could be mistaken as a demon in a human body, or organizations that specialize in torture would use him as a guinea pig to learn his secrets. He didn't want any of these possibilities.



He had already confirmed that he was not in his own world; he had read about it in the newspaper, ...


-A few minutes later-

He had already cleaned up the mess and was attempting to recall memories of the original body.

It was a waste of time. Because every time he tried to recall memories, he only saw a hazy scene in which the original owner stabbed his own chest with a knife, and then he tried to recall other things, but he only got the basic information, such as his name and his family members.

'Hmmm... so it is confirmed that he committed suicide.'


He had already confirmed that he was not in his own world; he had read about it in the newspaper, and there are many differences between this world and the Earth. This world, it appears, is called Eudemonia rather than Earth.

*Knock* Knock*

A loud knock on the door abruptly interrupted his wandering thoughts.

"Brother, Brother," a worried voice called out.

Fein adjusted his expression to make a natural smile; he needs to be cautious in the next interaction so that this body's sister wouldn't discover that another soul had possessed his brother. He can't help but curse his bad luck, because ... He had no idea how his predecessor acted.

When he opened the door, a girl with shoulder-length brown hair that complemented her light brown eyes, white skin, and delicate face stood there. She wore a green dress that was neither luxurious nor shabby, and she had a worried expression.

"Brother, our mother was worried about you; she said you hadn't left your room in a few days."

"What happened? Did you catch a cold? If you have a problem, we will help you, so tell us," his sister pounced on him, expressing her concern.

Fein was speechless when he met his new sister; he couldn't help but recall his family in his previous world, where he also had a sister with the same personality. "Fey, I'm fine, I was just busy with the papers," he said, pointing to the jumbled papers on the table.

"Oh, so that's why... don't worry brother, we were confident that you'd pass the graduation exam and eventually become a physician," Fey replied with a smile.

'Great, if this is true, I can become a famous physician and become wealthy with my modern knowledge of medicine,' He exclaimed inwardly.

He can now pursue and even exceed his dream because, with his modern knowledge, he can leave his peers in the dust and leave an insurmountable gap.

Although I did not receive the so-called golden finger, I did have prior knowledge of medicine.

"Go to mother and tell her I'm fine; I'll go there after I finish these things," he said as naturally as he could.

"Brother, why is your skin so pale? Why is your tone so strange?" Fey inquired, perplexed.

'Shit, this girl is so perceptive,' Fein cursed. 'It's strange that I can speak their language automatically, but my accent from my previous life is still there.'


"I was learning a new language, so I was practicing their way of speaking. Also, your brother needed to draw a blood sample for research purposes," he explained calmly.

His sister simply smiles at him, relieved.

"All right, I'll go tell Mother."

'That was close,' he mused silently.

He realized he was being overly paranoid; after all, his sister is only 16 years old. Her sister was unlikely to suspect him.

'I guess she was just worried, based on her expressions.'

You can't blame him; he was on edge, and he couldn't calm down quickly in such an unfamiliar environment.


One month has passed after he transmigrated. He has already adapted to his new life; his mother and sister are both kind to him; his mother owns a bakery, and his sister is a student.

They are not wealthy, but his mother's business provides for their basic needs.

Fein had already passed his exam and received a 1-star physician license. It is, indeed, a star, not a degree. There are many strange things here, but he has grown accustomed to them.

that his medical knowledge was sufficient to help him have 5-star status. Even with his advantage, Now he wants to pursue a 2-star license, and he is confident in his ability to do so. He discovered however, it will take a long time.

After all, while knowledge is important, so is putting it into practice, and he has the patience for it. Time was the last thing he lacked right now.