Chapter 602  : Signs (2)

I’m afraid the reason why we entered this place is real. The curse here might also be real, and…

When song qingxiao reached this point, her tongue touched her upper jaw and she didn’t say anything. However, number one and number two knew that she was referring to the sentence that the man had said in his excitement, “This was a cage created by the creator!

This also explained why one could enter but not leave this place. Since it was a cage, it must have trapped some dangerous things so that they couldn’t leave.

What were the dangerous things? At first, number one and the others also thought it was a giant spider, but then they felt that something was wrong.

Just as song qingxiao had said, if the giant spider was really a new species that had evolved to adapt to the ocean environment, then it was not absolutely dangerous to the outside world.

After all, from what he had experienced before, although the number of giant spiders was large, if they threatened the survival of humans, it would not be a serious problem to eliminate them.


Unless there was a certain reason, it was impossible to truly exterminate these terrifying giant spiders at their roots!

“You mean, what they said about the giant spiders being the natives of the lost city, and that they mutated in order to adapt to the ocean environment, is also false?”

Number two’s reaction was not slow. He pointed out the core of the problem.

“It’s indeed fake.”

Song qingxiao nodded. Number one’s eyes flashed with a dark and inexplicable light. He had actually guessed this long ago, but it was only based on instinct. He was not as certain as song qingxiao, who seemed to have evidence to support her theory.

“Why do you say that?” He turned around and looked into the room. Half of his face was covered by the shadow outside, while the other half was bathed in the light of the bonfire. His whole person gave off a sense of mystery, the faces of those giant spiders are no different from that of humans. They seem to be a different kind of evolved body.


“Indeed, it is.” Song qingxiao nodded, took something out of her pocket, and looked at it for a while.

No. 2 turned around and saw that it was something like a finger. However, he quickly realized that it was not a finger, but the tip of a terrifying limb of the spider.

Perhaps it had been cut down by song qingxiao in the battle, and she kept it as a trophy, taking it out to admire from time to time.

At the thought of this, number two could not help but look at song Qing a few times strangely and laughed awkwardly,”

“I didn’t expect you to have such a hobby.”

Song qingxiao was too lazy to argue with him. After playing with the limb in her hand for a while, she threw it in the direction of No. 2.


“Take a look,”

Number one saw her action and frowned slightly. He instinctively exchanged a tacit look with number four who was still sitting by the fire.

Number two did not care about the exchange between the two. He caught the broken limb that song qingxiao threw over and carefully observed it.

This thing was as hard as steel. Upon closer inspection, it did look like a half-rolled finger.

The ‘pulp’ of the finger was covered with fine and hard spikes, which might have been a mutation that had occurred during the long evolution process.

What surprised No. 2 was not the existence of the knuckle, but the unusually smooth cut that he touched.

It was extremely smooth, and it was obvious that it had been cut off by something even sharper than the nail.

This thing was extraordinarily hard, but it could easily cut through rocks. Song qingxiao might have a weapon sharper than this claw!

He secretly touched the cut again with his finger and threw it at number one, who was standing by the door, without changing his expression.

After number one took it, he touched it for a while, and his expression changed slightly. Finally, he held the broken limb in his palm,”

it’s very similar to the shape of a mutated finger, which may prove that the giant spider is indeed related to humans, or even… It might be the offspring of humans after adapting to the environment and mutating,” but…

“Not a descendant,” Song qingxiao shook her head, it’s not to adapt to the environment.

“What do you mean?” Number one asked as he narrowed his eyes.

“A symbiotic beast.” Song qingxiao didn’t reply to him. Instead, she muttered the words ‘symbiotic beast’ that the bow-wielding man had blurted out at the beginning,


Number one and number two saw her mumbling to herself and looked at each other.. Number two said,”