The Fallen Goddess

“Host. Host, please wake up.”

“Please bind to the Guiding System. Please bind to the Guiding System. Please bind…”

A cold mechanical voice rang within the white space, and it kept asking her to bind to some kind of system.

And thus, Fu Yue was awakened by the noise.

She could feel her thoughts muted by the repetitive, mechanical voice, causing her to have a headache.

So much so that she wanted to smack it to oblivion.


Fu Yue opened her eyes and glanced at a ball of white light opposite of her. She squinted at it with displeasure.

She didn’t care what it was despite its ability to speak.

She did know that she was terribly angry.

And that the consequences will likewise be dire.


When it saw Fu Yue looking at it, System 677 raised its head proudly. Despite it being a ball and that no one could probably figure out where its head was.


Fu Yue was speechless.


She gave the ball another glance before scoffing at it, and asked it, “What are you?”

It was as if she hadn’t spoken for a very long time. Her voice was slightly raspy as if her voice were muddled. However, it also seemed to have contained a faint and gentle smile, making it extremely sweet.

‘So, so sweet…’

That was the first thought that came to System 677’s mind.


Then, Fu Yue saw the ball of light in front of him became weirdly red when it was originally white as snow.

Fu Yue did not say anything.

‘This thing can blush?’

The ball of light cleared its voice and then used its mechanical voice to speak to her with a serious tone, “Greetings, Host. I am System 677, and I will be your guide as you take on missions across the Three-Thousand Worlds. The system that you will bind with is a Guiding-Type Quick-Transmigration System. You will have a fixed Target in each world, and you simply needed to receive his acknowledgment and complete the Original’s simple Desire.

“After you have completed the mission, you will receive a portion of Faith…”

Fu Yue suddenly cut in mid-sentence when she realized that that the ball of light would continue on and on, “Are you done?”

System 677 was stunned as the light around it started to blink, and said, “Ah… Yes, I am done.”

‘A Target? Acknowledgment?’

Fu Yue felt that the system must be dreaming.

Would someone like her… go and do something so arduous and thankless?

Fu Yue didn’t care to explain and simply told it that she wasn’t going to do it, and closed her eyes to return to her slumber.

Ball of Light did not say anything.

Its new host seemed to be quite rebellious!

As a newbie that had just set foot in the world of systems, System 677 felt that its pride had been challenged.

As a new boss, it would need to crack the whip three times. It quickly flipped through the host’s information, preparing to find her weakness.

Since it had to target her weakness for it to be effective.


Half an hour later.

It finally managed to find the woman’s information. It swept away the metaphorical dust on it, and quickly shut up after it gave it a read.

Its metaphorical paws that were grabbing at its new host’s information was shaking as it itself was shaken to its core.

It was scared.

‘I don’t want this Host anymore!

‘I’m just a baby! Why do I have to face someone so terrifying!!’


While it was scared of the woman, System 677 still went through her information with much interest. It even took a pawful of melon seeds and grabbed a figurative chair.


Fu Yue.

The fallen goddess. The sinner of ten-thousand years past.


She was once the most powerful goddess of war in Heaven, holding the portfolio of Law and Order.

She was known to have worn robes of white and had naught a speck of dust on her.

She held great authority and high office in Heaven but was also cold and unbending.

The Records of the Gods had only recorded a few sentences about the goddess. There was fear and regret in those words.

Glorious and gorgeous. Fallen by her own choice. Chose to become a demon.