Trash Ninth Young Master

In the boundless Sunset Forest, close to the border of Luobei City, a thin and weak young person was curled up with her back against a big tree. She looked at the people who were gradually approaching her. “You, what do you want to do? I just paid the protection fee yesterday.”

She had handed over the only three gold coins she had yesterday. These people had tricked her into coming here early this morning, saying that they had seen her brother here.

Her brother had been summoned to the capital by his family. She had not seen him for several years. In the past few years, she had been beaten up almost every day.

“Protection money? Ninth Young Master, even protection money can’t save you. Who asked you to have a genius brother? If he comes back and finds out that we bullied you, will we still have a good life?”

“That’s right. Besides, you’re just a piece of trash. What right do you have to be a direct descendant of the Beiting Family? It’s so embarrassing.”

“If I were you, I would have committed suicide a long time ago. How can you still have the face to live?”


“Cut the crap and settle it quickly. Don’t let anyone see you!”

The leader of the group, a tall man, kicked Beiting Huang’s back. The pain made Beiting Huang cry. They were both Level 2 to Level 3 Spiritual Practitioners. She was just a piece of trash. She could not even fight back.

“Who is it? Who told you to kill me?” Beiting Huang asked timidly. She held her head and did not dare to look at the group of fierce-looking young men.

“It doesn’t matter if I tell you!” The tall man chuckled. They were all branches of the Beiting Family and liked to see the three generations of the Beiting Family run away like rats in front of them. However, they were born useless. They could not even gather spiritual energy, let alone cultivation talent. “Young Master Han said that a distinguished guest is coming to the capital. He was afraid that a useless person like you would embarrass the family in front of the distinguished guest, so he asked us to punish you.”

As long as Beiting Huang died, they still had 50 gold coins to take.

The punches and kicks became more and more concentrated. It was more painful than directly killing someone with a knife.


Beiting Huang curled up her body and covered her head and chest. She couldn’t even cry. There was too much hatred in her heart. She would rather die than beg for mercy.

Someone kicked her in the neck. She felt a sharp pain and fainted.

“This kid died just like that?” A short youth nudged Beiting Huang with his foot and spat on her. “She really can’t take a beating!”

“Let’s see if there’s anything valuable on her!” The tall man clapped his hands and stomped on the ground twice, afraid that he would be tainted by Beiting Huang’s bad luck.

After all, this kid was the ninth young master of the family. Her clothes were not bad, but who would dare to wear her clothes? The short man stepped on her body with his foot and did not find anything hidden. He called out, “Bad luck.” He pulled her sleeve left and right. Unexpectedly, he saw a bracelet on her wrist.

The bracelet was purple in color, and its material was indistinguishable. There were ancient and complicated patterns on it, which was not very eye-catching. However, this was the only thing left on Beiting Huang. They had spent a lot of effort to kill Beiting Huang. Were they going to return empty-handed?


“Heh, this brat, she’s still hiding such a good thing!” The tall man came forward. The short man grabbed Beiting Huang’s wrist, and the tall man went to pull out the bracelet.

The bracelet was stuck to her wrist and could not be removed. “Who has a knife? Chop off her hand!”

Such a good bracelet could be exchanged for a few gold coins.

A knife was handed to him. Originally, a knife could have killed Beiting Huang, but how could a knife be more exciting than punching and kicking her?