With the war, the peace talks with the other kingdoms and empires, the ceaseless efforts to develop the Beyond the Heavens Empire, the battle with the Luvien Empire, and meeting Helenia through the new episode, Minhyuk was exhausted. At this point, Minhyuk felt like having two bodies would still not be enough.

Minhyuk's face was complex as he walked out of the Athenae Connection Capsule. Lee Jinhwan, who saw him stagger out, called out to him, “Minhyuk.”

“Ah, Doc. I’m fine.” Minhyuk smiled faintly.

However, Jinhwan supported him and looked at him worriedly. “Minhyuk, I think you need a good rest.”

“I’ll be fine once I nap after working out.”

“No. I believe you need to take a longer break than that.”

“You know that I can’t take a long break. There’s so much work left to do. I have to prepare for Helenia’s appearance. I have to prepare for the battle against the Luvien Empire. I have to…”


Lee Jinhwan sighed as he listened to Minhyuk. “How about talking for a bit?”

Mihyuk looked confused at the doctor as they sat together on the sofa.

“Do you have a lot of work to do in Athenae? Can you tell me about it?”

Lee Jinhwan knew mostly about what usually happened in the Athenae game. However, he was Minhyuk’s doctor and needed to understand what was happening entirely. So, Minhyuk began to tell his story. He told Jinhwan about how he felt helpless after meeting Helenia recently and the pressure and the need to go even further that started to weigh down on his shoulders.

“I don’t have time. I’ll take a short breather and…”

“Minhyuk.” Lee Jinhwan, who finished listening to Minhyuk’s story, fixed his horn-rimmed glasses and continued, “What was the reason you started playing the game Athenae? Did you start playing the game so that you could build an and become Athenae’s ?”


“Huh? Of course not. I started playing to help curb and cure my eating addiction. However, the people that are relying on me…”

“Why do you think that they are only relying on you? Minhyuk, even if you put down your burden and let go for a bit, those people can handle it.”

“...” Minhyuk turned silent as he listened to Lee Jinhwan.

“When we first started the game, before you established your kingdom, you would often tell us about the delicious dishes you tried. And we can see that it made you happy, Minhyuk. But now? Whenever you log out, all you say is how busy you are.”

Lee Jinhwan felt very sorry that this transition happened like that.

“Yes, your eating addiction is improving. However, it’s not completely cured yet. Do you remember what you said to me when you first played this game, Minhyuk? You said, But are you having fun now?”


Minhyuk could not open his mouth to answer that question. It wasn’t fun. He wanted to argue, but the words were stuck in his throat.

Then, a voice rang somewhere else. “Doctor Lee Jinhwan is right. Minhyuk, didn’t you promise me back then that you would play this game and have more fun than anybody else?”

It was Chairman Kang Minhoo. Kang Minhoo could see how the pressure on Minhyuk grew heavier as he grew even further in Athenae. As someone who became the head of a group in his early thirties, Kang Minhoo fully understood the feeling. He once thought that the company would only be able to function if he was present all the time.

“It’s okay to let things go every once in a while. Please remember that you’re not the only one supposed to carry this burden alone. It’s a burden everyone must carry, fair and square.”

After listening to his father's words, Minhyuk turned to look at Jinhwan. He saw the doctor nodding in agreement, a faint smile on his face.

Minhyuk pondered deeply.

The main reason he started playing this game was what he found interesting and fun, which was food. Minhyuk soon nodded. He smiled and said, “I’ll try to let things go and relax every once in a while.”

Kang Minhoo and Lee Jinhwan felt relieved when they heard those words. The two watched Minhyuk stand up to return to his room and sleep.


Minhyuk, who had taken a long and deep sleep after a long time, felt refreshed. For the first time in a long while, Minhyuk let himself breathe and rid himself of thoughts. Because of that, he was finally able to sleep well. However, that did not mean that he had let go completely.

Accompanied by these complicated thoughts, Minhyuk logged back inside Athenae.

He still had not checked and confirmed the rewards he received from Helenia. However, the moment he accessed the game, Haze immediately came to his office.

“Your Majesty. Conir has left.”

“Conir did?” Minhyuk felt anxious when he heard that Conir had left. He considered Conir his younger brother, whom he needed to protect and take care of.

Seeing Minhyuk’s expression grow both serious and uneasy, Haze said, “Your Majesty. Conir is strong.”


“He is stronger than we think. He left because he also wanted to grow further.”

Only after hearing those words did Minhyuk understand.

Haze continued, “Your Majesty, I know that you feel responsible for everything. However, that does not mean that you have to do everything on your own. Just as Conir left to grow further, we are also doing our best to protect our Beyond the Heavens Empire.”

Haze's words were similar to what Minhyuk’s father and personal doctor, Lee Jinhwan, had told him earlier. At this point, Minhyuk had already realized he was suffering from the pressure.

After lightly scolding Minhyuk, Haze said, “Your Majesty, Conir had left you a present just before he left.”

Then, she went out for a bit. When she came back, she was holding a bowl of ramyeon that was plated nicely inside a bowl. It was none other than Green Onion Ramyeon.

“He also told me to tell Your Majesty, ”

Conir said the words like you used to, which meant that he had also sensed Minhyuk's changes. Only at that moment did the facts hit Minhyuk deeply.

Minhyuk felt more relaxed, a small smile curling at the corners of his lips.

Since the ramyeon was a Green Onion Ramyeon, it was only natural that a generous amount of green onion was sprinkled on top of it. One could tell the soup would taste very refreshing with just one glance.

Minhyuk lifted the bowl and took a huge gulp of the soup. “”

The moment he sipped, a burst of hot, spicy, and savory flavors danced in his mouth. Surprisingly enough, the hot, spicy, and delicious flavors were well-matched.


As expected of the skills of the Master of Ramyeon, Conir. After tasting the soup, Minhyuk quickly grabbed his chopsticks and clamped a considerable mouthful of noodles, with several chopped green onions peeking from their gaps.


Just like that, he put the warm, spicy, and chewy noodles in his mouth all at once. Of course, he slurped another mouthful of noodles.


Minhyuk ate the noodles delightfully before focusing on the well-ripened kimchi beside the bowl. He quickly clamped some kimchi and put it in his mouth.

Minhyuk could not help but be in awe at the burst of flavor that accompanied every bite of the dish.


Just like that, he almost finished the bowl of ramyeon.

“Conir, this rascal.” Minhyuk felt his nose turn sour as tears slowly welled up in his eyes.

Conir knew that one bowl of ramyeon would not be enough for Minhyuk, so he prepared some leftover rice. The boy’s kindness warmed Minhyuk’s heart, but that was not all. Minhyuk could tell that this ramyeon was very unusual.

In fact, it tasted so good that Minhyuk could not help but sigh in admiration with every bite.

After finishing the noodles, Minhyuk quickly dumped the cold leftover rice into the spicy and hot soup and pressed it down with his spoon. Once the rice was fully submerged, he scooped a spoonful and put it in his mouth.


As expected, cold leftover rice was perfect for ramyeon! The cold rice, which mellowed down the heat of the soup, created a fantastic harmony with the spicy soup. After he finished everything, he quickly grabbed the bowl and made sure to drink the last drop.

“Haaaa…” Minhyuk sighed, his eyes closing as he smiled in satisfaction. The meal was the first that he had enjoyed in a long time. He was also pleasantly surprised that Conir, the boy he thought should be cared for and cherished deeply, had made such a great bowl of ramyeon.

Strangely enough, he felt quite relaxed after eating the ramyeon. And the reason? It explained itself not long after.


It was indeed an extraordinary and unusual dish. Among the God-grade dishes that Minhyuk knew, this was the first dish that could bestow rewards for doing something.

Minhyuk was in awe of the God-grade dish that Conir had made for him. Thanks to the boy, Minhyuk grew more relaxed and was finally able to think clearly.

If he went outside, he could see the people of the Beyond the Heavens Empire working their hardest and taking their lead in developing the empire further. Even the executives were doing their best for the future of the empire. Since everyone was doing their best, it would probably be okay for him to leave some of his burdens behind.

“Your Majesty, no one will blame you if you go out to find something delicious and eat to your heart’s content. Everyone would be happier if they saw you do so.” Haze’s words gave Minhyuk more confidence.

Minhyuk smiled softly. Once again, he hoped to play this game to have fun and eat many delicious things like before.

At that moment, a bright light flashed as a being appeared before Minhyuk. The being was none other than the new addition to their family, the Spirit of Life.


As mentioned before, the Spirit of Life took the form of a white wolf pup. Of course, spirits also had the power to change their appearance and could look like fairies and elves. But it seemed like the Spirit of Life was happy with this form.

The Spirit of Life blinked his bleary eyes before flying straight into Minhyuk’s embrace. Minhyuk gently rubbed and caressed his fur.

A few hours ago, he had been thinking about how he could revive and revitalize the Beyond the Heavens Empire with the Spirit of Life. But now? It was different.

Minhyuk named the Spirit of Life he kept on releasing this rumbling purr. And just like he expected, Rumble was an exceptional being.

Rumble was someone that even the Great Spirits had to show courtesy and respect. However, he was currently only at Level 1. It seemed like Minhyuk had to help him grow and develop. According to the description, Rumble would be able to grow up if he

Minhyuk grinned. “Rumble.”

“” Rumble purred, his head tilting in confusion.

Then, Minhyuk said, “Shall we go around and play with mud? Ah. Of course, if our dear Rumble finds it hard or boring, you can stop whenever. So, shall we?”


When Rumble heard that they would play around in the mud, the cute wolf pup puffed up his chest and pretended to look dashing and majestic.

“I will now tell you the position that you will have from today onwards.”

“” Rumble purred in delight.

“Your job is…”

“” Rumble urged Minhyuk to tell him quickly.

“You will be the Beyond the Heavens Empire’s . The Farmer Chief protects the fields and can do fieldwork better than anybody else!”

“” Rumble’s eyes grew wide, a sparkle appearing in those dark orbs. The word itself carried a great and lofty meaning.

Rumble quickly climbed up on Minhyuk’s shoulders. Then, like a dashing and majestic lion looking down on all the animals atop his stone hill, he roared, “”


The Great Spirit of Earth Rend had the most gentle attitude among the Great Spirits. He was also the one with the most sensitive and meticulous personality. It was difficult for him to descend on Earth from the Spirit Realm. However, he made it possible by sacrificing a portion of his power.

Rend, who transformed into a normal human being, descended on Earth. Why? Well, the reason was simple.

The Spirit of Life was the only being to save the Spirit Realm. Even the Great Spirits, hailed as the gods of spirits paled compared to him. He might be currently in the form of a wolf pup, but in the future, he would become the greatest and the coolest Great Spirit that would unite all spirits in the Spirit Realm.

Rend came to earth to see the Spirit of Life. He was quite worried that the wolf pup would be uncomfortable living in the land of humans.

Rend willingly offered his Pickaxe that Can Make Any Land Fertile because Minhyuk was someone who would stay by the side of the Spirit of Life. Rend believed that Minhyuk knew about the Spirit of Life’s greatness and that the man would respect and revere the wolf pup.

Even so, Rend was still worried. Just to make sure that nothing was amiss, Rend came here to visit the Spirit of Life. The moment he sneaked into the Beyond the Heavens Empire, Rend instantly felt the Spirit of Life’s power. He quickly followed the power and came in front of a wide-open field where the farmers were working very hard.

A noble and majestic being like the Spirit of Life should not be in a place like this, right? Rend looked around in confusion as he held the blanket he had prepared earlier in case it was cold tighter.


Then, he heard the Spirit of Life’s cries at that moment.

Rend’s head whipped toward the direction where the sound came from. However, what he saw shocked him to his core, and he dropped what he was holding.

The Spirit of Life, who would unite all spirits in the Spirit Realm and lead the noble and majestic Great Spirits in battle, was running around in a dashing and imposing manner. However, the thing that shocked Rend was the name that was written on the necklace that was hanging on the Spirit of Life’s neck.